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A Q&A with Juna and also Appa Writer Jane Park

A Q&A with Juna and also Appa Writer Jane Park


Today on the blog site, we’re sharing a Q&A performed with Jane Park, the writer of Juna and also Appa

Lee & & Low:(* )Your initial image publication, Juna’s Container, was influenced by you and also your partner’s common childhood years experiences of gathering and also having fun with huge vacant kimchi containers. Can you speak a little bit regarding the motivation behind Juna’s newest journeys in Juna and also Appa? Jane Park:

Both tales were influenced by components of my childhood years, however at the heart, they are tales regarding connections altering and also exactly how Juna handle solid feelings by utilizing her creative imagination. In Juna’s Container, Juna manages despair when her friend actions away and also in Juna and also Appa, Juna attempts to remain gotten in touch with her papa regardless of outdoors stress. In both publications, I intended to resolve some difficult minutes in children’ lives in manner ins which would not really feel as well heavy-handed or unpleasant however in a relatable tale with magic and also awesome pets. Kids will certainly enjoy finding the remarkable, wonderfully showed pet fathers! Most Of Us have a minute when we take a look at our moms and dads and also understand that they aren’t all-powerful and also all-knowing. It’s a complicated however global experience for children. I believe it strikes kids of shade in different ways due to the fact that it might frequently include a systemic power dynamic.

Juna and also Appa in fact originated from a hard minute when my very own children saw an older youngster mockingly claim to me, “I do not comprehend ching chong.” When Juna sees a consumer treat her dad as “much less than,” it is sadly a typical experience for children of shade and also it’s frequently not discussed or recognized, however that leaves kids to understand the case themselves. I wish this publication will certainly be a ‘mirror’ for the children that require the message that when this takes place, to not avert from individuals that enjoy you, however to transform towards them. Their love could look various however it’s genuine, real, and also sustaining.

Lee & & Low:

In your writer’s note, you state wishing to give a mirror for children maturing in family members stores and also a home window for others that additionally see their moms and dads as heroes. Can you speak a little bit much more regarding maturing in a family-owned store and also what you’ve brought right into your life from that experience? Jane Park:

Mom-and-pop stores are a huge component of Oriental American background– of lots of immigrant areas’ backgrounds in The United States and Canada. I had not seen our experience stood for in image publications and also desired to reveal a various, much more human side than generally stood for in various other media. I invested numerous hrs of my childhood years at my moms and dads’ store as did most of my Oriental buddies. I obtained utilized to needing to discover means to captivate myself and also I was constantly making points with the offered products. I particularly liked the material scraps from pant hems! My close friend’s family members had the corner store a couple of stores down and also we would certainly frequently go off on journeys with each other– whether it was simply pushing our backs taking a look at clouds in the car park or checking out the creek at a close-by park. I believe the flexibility to check out, to develop, and also particularly to be ‘burnt out’ formed me right into that I am today.

Lee & & Low:(* )Can you speak about the finishing and also why it does not seem like a normal “satisfied end?”

Jane Park: When individuals review very early drafts of the tale, lots of had solid and also varying sensations regarding the finishing. Some firmly insisted that the shed coat ought to be discovered, while others never ever doubted it. I anticipate that it will certainly indicate various points to numerous visitors, as it should.

While the anticipated finishing may be for Juna to discover the coat and also complete the tale in a rather bow, for me, that would certainly threaten what this tale has to do with. And also I believe that just having “satisfied” closings in image publications does an injustice to our kids. Do we desire kids to think that points can constantly be dealt with in 32 web pages if you simply strive adequate or if you’re unique sufficient? Most of us recognize that we can attempt and also be like we can be, and also points still do not exercise. Several old fairy tales and also folktales have rather grim closings– when was it made a decision that every kids’s tale requires a “gladly ever before after?” Occasionally we require the dream and also have points finish nicely. Occasionally we simply require some convenience from recognizing that others go via points like this, as well, and also that we’re not alone. Lee & & Low:(* )Juna has a remarkable creative imagination and also satisfies lots of pet appas throughout her journeys. Why did you choose to concentrate on dad numbers in the pet kingdom and also exactly how did you select which pets to include?

Jane Park:

I intended to select rather lower well-known, remarkable pet fathers. I took into consideration penguin and also seahorse fathers, however I believe they’re rather widely known and also I intended to utilize this chance to give focus much less well known pets. The water insect was disputed momentarily however some children truly enjoy bugs! And also once again, it’s a possibility to be familiar with the been afraid or unidentified. I enjoy listening to that some children questioned whether the pets are in fact genuine. Do some frogs in fact maintain their young in their mouths ?! And after that they can do follow-up research study after checking out guide. Children will certainly enjoy viewing video clips on the Darwin’s frog!

Lee & & Low:(* )You have actually dealt with illustrator Felicia Hoshino on both Juna publications. Inform us a little bit regarding exactly how your partnership procedure functions. Jane Park:

Throughout the procedure of developing Juna and also Appa with Felicia I had a change in considering Oriental male depiction. Initially I believed to respond to the stereotypes of Oriental guys, that appa ought to allow and also hunky and also sent out pictures of a favored Oriental star to Felicia for motivation.

In Felicia’s profile, Alternative A looked much like the Oriental star however after that choice “C” looked ideal– like Juna’s appa. Around the exact same time, a buddy was speaking about BTS and also regarding exactly how in Korea “resembling a woman” is a praise, not a disrespect, which it implies you’re truly appealing. And also it made me believe that that’s where the change ought to be– not always welcoming western suitables of manliness however redefining manliness. There certainly requires to be a better, wider series of Oriental male depiction, however children do not simply really feel secure with their fathers if they allow or solid, however if they give treatment and also love. I wished Juna’s appa would certainly really feel acquainted, like lots of fathers I understood and also Felicia’s Alternative C was ideal. Lee & & Low:

Juna’s Container(* & )won the Lee & Low New Voices Honor. Can you share a little bit regarding the entry procedure, what it resembled to win, and also any type of pointers you have for others wanting to obtain their tales released either via honors or representatives? Jane Park:

My largest item of recommendations is to send your job. Do not speak on your own from it and also self-reject. I remained on

Juna’s Container for several years due to the fact that I really felt as well scared to have it declined. I sent out the manuscript just to Lee & & Low due to the fact that their fundamental objective is to release varied voices and also I thought that I would not obtain rate of interest from any type of various other author. In 2010, various other authors were much less most likely to believe that a publication where the major personalities are children of shade — not white or pets– would certainly be widely attractive. I believe honors and also open phone calls are remarkable possibilities to obtain your job taken into consideration for magazine. It can be an actually frustrating and also difficult procedure to obtain a representative thinking about your job and afterwards want to obtain compared with the appropriate editor. Presently all my publications out currently were released as an outcome of competitions and also open phone calls. If an author has an open phone call and also your job appears to line up with what they are seeking, send it in! If it obtains rate of interest, it can assist discover a representative. My representative transformed a first deal from an open phone call right into a two-book offer!

Lee & & Low:(* )What are you servicing following? Jane Park: I have an image publication appearing in 2024 that commemorates mommies. It had not been an intentional selection to do this due to the fact that I discussed fathers and also it’s certainly not the following publication I created after Juna and also Appa

I’m so delighted that they’ll both be out there in the globe.

Following year I have a non-fiction image publication, Covert Animal Attributes,

appearing which is a friend to Covert Pet Color Styles I believe Juna and also Hector and also various other animal-loving children would certainly enjoy these lovely photo-illustrated pet publications! JANE PARK

( previously Bahk) won Lee & & Low’s New Voices Honor for Juna’s Container, which was additionally acknowledged with the Asian/Pacific American Collection Organization Honor for Literary Works and also as a Noteworthy Publication for an International Culture by the International Proficiency Organization. Juna and also Appa

was influenced by her memories of maturing in her family members’s dry-cleaning store. Park deals with her family members in the San Francisco Bay Location. You can see her online at janeparkbooks.com Relevant



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