Ambush by Phil Forehead – FICTION online narratives

Phil Forehead informs the tale of a modern squad in Nicaragua battling an adversary with supposed Rambos on their side.

The late mid-day sunlight starts to establish over the thick timberline where the forest paves the way to the expansive, bombed-out suburban areas of Managua. Mac eyes his toolkit. The screen checks out 43 levels. The moisture is near one hundred percent.

” Sarge, can we quit? It’s hotter than a motherfucker.” The inquiry originates from Mac’s second-in-command, Corporal “Mad Pet” Ajanlekoko.

” Yeah, certain.”

Mac wished to make an additional 10 klicks today, however it makes little feeling to press the males in this warm. He figures they’ll require some form of battling toughness once they come to their location in Las Uñas.

” Jonesy, you hunt the boundary. Afolabi – you take initial watch. Puppy, you’re with me. The remainder of you men, hang below.”

Mac intends to check out the deserted parking lot in advance. If it has a look at fine, they will certainly bivouac on among the garage’s greater degrees. Puppy is Exclusive Bobby Lowell. Mac has no concept why the young, clean-cut, Harvard-educated male is out below in the center of no place, battling in a guerrilla battle in which none have a pet dog in the battle. Bobby Lowell traces his family tree back with twelve generations of Boston Brahmins. One evening he made the error of disclosing this reality to Mac. Mac meant Puppy was trying to make discussion or to ingratiate himself with his carbon monoxide by raising their typical city of beginning. It was the incorrect method. Mac is the boy of Irish immigrants that, upon showing up, resolved in the run-down neighborhoods of the North End; and also later on, Dorchester. Puppy’s ilk, on the various other hand, lived high on the hog on Sign Hillside or in Lexington, or wherever-the-fuck abundant individuals stayed in Beantown in the past.

Mac makes an indication to Puppy to go left and also up; Mac heads to the contrary stairwell. Mac makes it through his door simply great, however Puppy’s door was rusted over long earlier. Puppy makes the error of providing it a difficult pull.


It releases a loud, scuffing sound that can be listened to for 2 klicks.

Goddammit!” Mac mutters under his breath. No aspect of shock currently.

Thankfully, it matters not – the parking lot is deserted. Jonesy joins them and also reaches leading degree. He scopes out the environments with his sniper rifle and also validates absolutely nothing is relocating the area. Mac really feels a little bit much more comfortable. He prides himself in the reality that he’s never ever shed a male to an ambush. He’s definitely observed his share of injured and also passing away in directly firefights, however no ambushes.

Vince warms up some K-rations over a mobile sterno range alongside an old ’37 Honda Superfortress. The lorry was removed long earlier of wheels and also components. The soft extra padding from its back door panels suspends on the ground. From the appearances of it, rats have actually been eating on it. Mac’s squad – minus the search – are collected around waiting on the grub. It’s their initial warm dish in practically a week. The poultry recipe looks respectable. At the very least, Mac assumes it’s poultry, however he’s just thinking considering that the labeling on the product packaging has long earlier abraded. Nowadays, practically anything weighty the soldiers take in preferences like poultry.

” Keep in mind that tapir we caught a couple of weeks ago?” asks Mad Pet.

” Yeah. It screeched like a pig -”

” Till you gutted it.”

” It tasted like poultry.”

” Damn straight. Eatin’ a tapir is much better ‘n eatin’ a rat, that’s for certain.”

” What are you speaking about, dumbass?” said Exclusive Zhang Li. “A tapir is a large rat.”

Li’s remark generated passionate laughs.

” Hey, Mad Pet – where you from, anyhow?” The concern originated from among the more recent squad participants, Jesus Hernández.

” Greater London.”

” London? No, male. I imply, where’s your origins?”

” Heck if I recognize. Zambia, or Timbuktu or some spunk.”

” Mad Pet, your name – Ajanlekoko – you recognize what it suggests, right?” Puppy asked.

Mad Pet looked blankly at him.

” It’s a Yoruban word. They talk the language in Benin and also Nigeria. It suggests ‘Pet chasing wolf.’ Simply sayin’.”.

Mad Pet spews on the asphalt alongside where he rests.

” It suggests, ‘Pet chasing fucking Panda bear!'” he responds, madly.

” Hey, I really did not imply to -“.

” I dislike those cock-sucking Rambos!”.

The males consume in silence for a couple of minutes.

Mac really feels the demand to deal with the elephant in the space. Several of his squad participants are brand-new to Blue Guard Hireling, GmbH. A number of have actually never ever really remained in a close-up firefight and also the substantial bulk have actually never ever combated an honest-to-God unusual soldier from an additional globe. Mad Pet has. He shed 2 of his closest friends to the Rambos.

” Pay attention up!” Mac reveals. “I do not recognize what you have actually read about them, however the Rambos are the meanest, orneriest, most despicable type of life in the galaxy. They defend Black Scorpion, Limited. Unlike the human hirelings they deal with alongside with, the Rambos defend one factor and also one factor just – bloodsport. Cash do not imply spunk to them.”.

” Do they talk English?” one soldier asks.

” They talk far better English than you, Janson.”.

A few of the males laugh.

” A lot of them are multilingual. I satisfied one that talked sixteen various Planet languages. They’re clever motherfuckers. They allow and also they hesitate of absolutely nothing. If they eliminate you, they’ll take your scalps or your thumbs for keepsakes. Fortunately is, they hemorrhage and also pass away similar to us. Make certain they pass away initially.”.

After a minute, somebody claims, “If you call that yellow puke they have in ’em blood.”.

The squad emerges at sunrise, breaks camp, and also continues west towards the city. The males march in loosened development for practically 7 kilometers up until they get to the borders of Las Uñas. All over them are burnt houses, business structures, harmed trees, particles – the residues of a once-prosperous suv area of a hundred thousand citizens.

” Pssst!”.

Mac and also the others scoot for cover. Jonesy, that gets on factor, makes a hand signal with 2 fingers to his eyes showing he has actually seen opponent motion. He stands up 3 fingers showing 3 hostiles. Mac activities to his males to expand and also locate cover.

After making certain every person remains in location, Mac obtains his field glasses and also peers at the surface in advance.


He detects a Rambo bent over a pool of stationary water. The Rambo is jabbing a stick at something. Mac focuses and also sees the things of the alien’s interest – there are numerous brightly-colored butterflies trembling around. It’s not as though the Rambo is attempting to harm them; instead, Mac assumes he’s just trying to coax them onto the stick. One butterfly really climbs up onto the branch for a moment prior to flying. It lands a meter away.

Mac’s interest is attracted to 2 various other Rambos near the. They’re cavorting about, at the same time getting on one foot – after that 2 – atop a pattern of squares sculpted on the ground. It aims to Mac as though 2 big, cosy Panda bears are playing a video game of hop-scotch.

What is this rubbish! Rambos do not play youngsters’s video games.

Simply after that, a terrible idea flashes with Mac’s mind.

” AHHH!”.

Mac jerks to his left, in the nick of time to see a huge Rambo stab Puppy from behind and also take his scalp. All heck breaks loose. Automatic weapon fire emerges from several places. Mad Pet switches on Puppy’s awesome, intends, and also strikes the alien’s avoid with a solitary round from his superior attack tool.

” ON YOUR FLANKS!” yells Mac.

However it’s far too late. Mac’s squad is selected and also greatly exceeded. Both human and also Rambo hirelings strike his males non-stop from all sides. 6 of his males decrease within secs. Mac has actually led them directly right into an ambush.

The mins appear to extend right into hrs. As Mac tires his last round of ammunition, a Black Scorpion corporal smoothly stalks Mac and also fires him point-blank in the breast, upper body, and also abdominal area.

Prior to Mac passes out, he glimpses up at the male’s attire. It checks out “O’Malley.” Mac really feels a little bit of appreciation, understanding that his victor is somebody that has no demand for keepsakes.

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