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Andrew Gump Chose Mayor of Congress

Andrew Gump Chose Mayor of Congress

Return we currently to the crucial political election year of 1922 …

Detroit Free Press, Nov. 8, 1922

… in which an animation personality was chosen mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan.

Or Otherwise.

Either the Detroit Free Press heading author really did not skim any type of even more than the very first paragraph of the short article underneath it, or was a sufferer of autocorrect virtually a century prior to it was designed.

Or possibly John Wallace and also H.C. Plass lost out on reporting the genuine information out of Hamtramck for their very own effort to match wits with Chicago Tribune illustrator Sidney Smith.

I have not located any type of significant coverage that Andy Gump defeated the flesh-and-blood prospects to be chosen mayor of recently included Hamtramck in 1922, although he did get a minimum of one enact the race for Legislator from Michigan that year, and also no question a touch of enact different other competitions around the nation.

The Gumps by Sidney Smith, in Chicago Tribune, Sept. 5, 1922

For months, the titular personality of Sidney Smith’s syndicated cartoon had actually been incoming a legislative project in the animation. Below’s just how the Detroit Free Press reported the outcomes on Political election Day:

” Andy Is 100 Evidence,” Yell Advocates, “And Also He Do Not Put On a Collar”

A person of Hamtramck that showed up at Gump head office throughout the night confirmed himself a little blended on the concerns of the project. This gent seemingly desired Mr. Gump’s statement that he was 100 percent for individuals and also used no male’s collar. “I chose Gump,” introduced the Hamtramck person, “since he is 100 evidence and also do not use no collar.” Mr. Gump welcomed the customer right into the back area. He arised, supporting noisally for Gump.


At 1 o’clock today the returns until now gotten in the excellent Gump legislative race provided:

  • Andrew Gump, Independent, 30,906
  • Republican prospect, 30,904
  • Autonomous prospect, 30,901

Feverish task appeared at Gump head office. Mr. Gump’s project supervisor mentioned it would certainly be recommended to make a round of the midtown districts to see just how the matter was going.

” However I will certainly require a little adjustment for taxicab price and also various other costs,” claimed the supervisor.

Promptly afterwards Mr. Gump was seen drawing up a check.

” It’s done in,” specified John A. Schaufer.

” What do you imply, the money?” made inquiries Roy Latham.

Schaufer dignifiedly described that he indicated Gump was a champion since he had actually lugged the seventeenth ward.

The Gumps by Sidney Smith in Chicago Tribune, Oct. 18, 1922

Papers which have actually opposed the candidateship of Mr. Gump, reviling him from the beginning of his project, specified in their very early versions that if he won, his triumph would certainly be because of the lush expense of the cash he obtained by jeopardizing the popular violation of pledge fit the Widow Zander brought versus his Uncle Bim.

” Gump,” proclaimed among these anti-Gump sheets, “has actually attempted to corrupt the body politic.”

” Allow ’em go crazy,” claimed Mr. Gump when he was talked to at his head office at the Resort Dresdemona. “I am 100 percent for individuals. The last returns will certainly reveal me the champion. I have actually beat the unique passions. I use no male’s collar.”

” Your collar is shrivelled,” spoke out the Widow Zander, that had actually remained in the project head office because very early at night. “Allow me go out and also obtain you a fresh one.”

” Oh, Minutes.”

” You need not trouble,” claimed Mrs. Gump, stepping forward. “I have one in my bag for the congressman.”

” Oh, Minutes,” said loudly Andy Gump.

The Widow Zander merged the crowd.

Simply after that, a carrier generated the returns from the 2nd district, very first ward, of Hamtramck. They provided Gump 217; the Republican prospect, 13; the Autonomous prospect, 21.

” Mayor [Peter C.] Jezewski appears to be performing,” was prospect Gump’s only remark.

The Gumps by Sidney Smith in Chicago Tribune, Nov. 2, 1922

Andy Gump has actually simply left fast from residence for his head office, having actually gotten word from his project supervisor that the political election boards in several of the river districts are counting him out. He revealed excellent exhilaration, yet declined to speak to press reporters.

After reaching his head office and also paying attention to his supervisor’s record of uneven checking in specific districts, Mr. Gump claimed, “I care naught for my very own political lot of money, yet the solemnity of the tally box, the palladium of American freedoms, have to be protected in all risks. I would certainly equally as sternly require that a scoundrel that took an elect me most likely to prison as one that took from me.”

Prospect Gump has actually simply remained in telephonic interaction with the principal of cops. He required that primary instantly send out police officers to the ballot locations where damaging the matter is claimed to be underway. The principal paid attention diligently to what Mr. Gump needed to claim and also guaranteed to examine the issue within the following couple of days.

The Gumps by Sidney Smith in Chicago Tribune, Nov. 6, 1922

The Widow Zander has actually reached Gump head office. She was supported noisally by the group collected in the road as she touched down from her vehicle. An intoxicated person, nevertheless, triggered the widow to flush by yelling, “Just how’s Uncle Bim?”

Little Chester simply called head office. “Is my papa chosen?” he made inquiries. Mr. Gump mosted likely to the phone. “Go to sleep currently, Chester,” he claimed. “You will certainly never ever become a terrific male like your papa unless you obtain lots of rest while you are young.”

The very first district to report offers, Andrew Gump, independent, 102; the Republican prospect, 103; the Autonomous prospect, 101. Mr. Gump looked significant as he checked these returns. He retired to his area, took a level things from his hip pocket, and also shut the door.

The Gumps by Sidney Smith, in Chicago Tribune, Nov. 8, 1922

Soon after the surveys shut, Andy Gump, Independent prospect for congress, 100 percent for individuals, cabled to Uncle Bim Gump in Australia, “The fight mores than. I stand at the parting of the means. One causes the capitol, the various other to the poorhouse.”

His pals and also admirers mentioned that their prospect had actually constantly been for readiness.

Gump’s project supervisor, after a study of the very first returns that dripped in, introduced: “Signs are that Gump wins by a neck.”

Those in the area eyed the prospect’s neck, and also burglarized wild supporting.

” A landslide for our prospect!” they screamed.

Very early returns from the silk equipping area along the Blvd suggested that Gump had actually been snowed under there. Prospect Gump’s only remark was, “Oh, Minutes!”

The Gumps by Sidney Smith, in Chicago Tribune, Nov. 9, 1922

Arrival of returns from the Widow Zander’s district triggered a mix in Gump’s head office. The customer read: “Republican politician, 44; Autonomous, 41; Independent, 0.” Gump jumped on the table.

” The double-crossing, two-faced hussy; not also her very own ballot!” screamed Gump. Simply after that the customer screamed, “Hey! A blunder in the transmission– Gump obtains 100; Autonomous, 41; Republican politician, 44.”

” I constantly claimed,” mentioned Prospect Gump, “that Henrieta Zander was just one of the finest females on the planet. I recognized she would certainly supply her district solid.”

Mr. Gump has actually simply gotten the adhering to cablegram from Australia: “Hope you are winning; kindly take $100 from remains of your project fund and also acquire some appropriate present for Mrs. Zander. Will certainly wire financial institution draft to repay you. (Authorized) Uncle Bim.” Promptly after reviewing the cablegram, Prospect Gump was seen in deep discussion with his project supervisor. The supervisor was above [sic] to claim, “That’s all there is; there isn’t anymore.”

” It appears to be neck and neck,” Andy Gump’s project supervisor mentioned to him as the returns started to filter in. “That holding true,” the prospect reacted, “we may also have a little nip ourselves.” They retired to a back area and also shut the door.

The Gumps by Sidney Smith, in Chicago Tribune, Nov. 10, 1922

Prospect Gump was substantially supported by a telegram from Shady Relax, where Andy utilized to fish with Old Timer prior to Old Timer was wed. Old Timer’s other half sent out the message, gather. It reviewed, “We understand you have actually won. You can not maintain an excellent male down. I’ll bring Old Timer to see you in Washington.”

A delegation of restriction supporters reached Gump head office, and also revealed the hope that Mr. Gump, if the returns ultimately placed him in congress, would certainly represent the rigorous upkeep of the Volstead act. Mr. Gump responded, “Gentlemen, I use no male’s collar.” There was roaring praise.

Andrew C. Baird, Wayne Region Democratic chairman, confessed quickly prior to twelve o’clock at night that Andy Gump had a great chance to beat the Autonomous prospect for Congress. “Anyhow,” claimed Mr. Baird, “Mr. Gump’s First name coincides as mine, and also I believe he will certainly lne up with our celebration rather than with the Republicans. We likewise have various other preferences alike.”

” I use no male’s collar,” Mr. Gump mentioned when educated of Chairman Baird’s declaration. “However I will certainly call about to Mr. Baird’s workplace and also see what he needs to supply.”

At 11:45 p.m. Dave Gordon, replacement area treasurer, asserted the political election of Andrew Gump by greater than 100 plurality. The Republican politician and also Autonomous prospects were claimed to be preparing to relate to Juries Harry J. Dingeman and also Thomas W. Wedge for orders to seize tally boxes pending a recount.

Soon after twelve o’clock at night, marching clubs from the Anti-Saloon organization and also the W. C.T. U. headed by a large Gump project banner brushed up supporting right into the Resort Desdemona and also right into Shop A, where tea, gelato, sandwiches and also woman fingers were offered.

Quickly later, a marching club from the Culture Opposed to Restriction, with a Gump banner at its head, marched right into Shop H. Hall young boys were maintained active bring ginger ale, mineral water, and also seltzer right into Shop H. Among the neighborhood restriction enforcement police officers stood outside the door, as an assurance to Gump’s temperance pals that no alcohol would certainly be seen taken right into the area.



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