Berge’s Anime Blog site: Freedom Day 1922 

” The Old Male That Never Ever Ages” by Grover Web Page in Louisville Courier-Journal, July 4, 1922

It’s a vacation weekend break below at Bergetoons Central, and also we remain in the state of mind to pause from the Trump Putsch, supply chain problems, ape pox, and also SCOTUS returning us to the days when males were males, ladies were capital, and also the setting went to the grace of everybody that had a lot of crap they wished to send out up a smokestack or dispose in the lake.

” His 146th Birthday Celebration” by Charles Kuhn in Indianapolis Information, July 4, 1922

The USA transformed 146 years of ages on July 4, 1922, although one could quibble that Uncle Sam was in fact a couple of years more youthful than that. Allow’s not: he was currently a grown-up when he initially showed up soon after the Battle of 1812. Whether he transformed 36 that year would certainly be tough to establish, provided the eternal high quality credited to him by Grover Web Page and also Charles Kuhn.

” An Advantage and also an Honor” by Gustavo Bronstrup in San Francisco Chronicle, July 4, 1922

100 years earlier, most comic artists were material to deposit for a minute whatever controversial problems they were taking care of. Gustavo Bronstrup, an American-born comic artist, picked to commemorate naturalized people showing up below from various other nations– also as the drive to finish our open-door migration plan was getting heavy steam.

” The Spirit of the Day” by O.C. Chopin in San Francisco Supervisor, July 4, 1922

Freedom Day had not been around to drive all unity and also consistency from presence. As proof, comparison O.C. Chopin’s Freedom Day animation with his piece on July 5:

” An Additional Declaration” by O.C. Chopin in San Francisco Supervisor, July 5, 1922

John McCutcheon likewise assumed it was time for a brand-new Declaration:

” A 2nd Declaration Needed” by John T. McCutcheon in Chicago Tribune, July 4, 1922

North The golden state is still a component of The golden state, and also the Harding Management had actually simply racked up a success in restricting the development of marine weaponries, so those Declarations are still pending. (Well, we have actually sort of left those 1922 arms constraints in the dustbin of background …)” Oh For the Spirit of ’76” by Clifford Berryman in Washington Night Celebrity,

July 4, 1922 Clifford Berryman raises a concern a lot more in the leading edge of public issue, yet in a confident means. Organized Labor was resisting versus the postwar anti-labor methods of Industry and also the Harding management. The nationwide strike by United Mine Employees of America, started in March

, had actually transformed fatal in June.” They Appear to Have Forgotten Concerning United States” by Edward Windstorm in Los Angeles Times,

July 4, 1922

W. J. Lester, proprietor of the Southern Illinois Coal Firm in Herrin, Illinois, had actually initially concurred with the UMWA to observe the strike; yet when the cost of coal increased, he employed non-union employees to generate and also ship coal.

Angered that the proprietor had actually neglected their contract, on June 21, union miners contended strikebreakers mosting likely to function, where the mine had actually equipped guards. When striking union participants equipped themselves and also attacked the mine, the proprietor’s guards fired and also eliminated 3 union miners in an exchange of shooting. The following day, union miners eliminated superintendent McDowell and also 18 of 50 strikebreakers and also mine guards, a number of them completely. A the twentieth sufferer from the non-union team was later on killed, bringing the fatality overall to 23. Inevitably, 3 miners and also 20 non-miners were eliminated, consisting of the superintendent and also 19 strikebreakers.

” We Had actually Been So in Hopes” by J.N. “Ding” Beloved in Des Moines Register, July 4, 1922

On the other hand, railway employees restored their risk to go on strike too over wage cuts mandated by the Harding management. Union participants had actually elected not to go on strike the previous October after the Railway Labor Board had actually consented to postpone cutting in half railway employees’ pay. By summertime, it was ending up being clear that the Interstate Business Compensation planned to go onward with those cuts earlier or later on.

” Dampened” by Expense Sykes in Philly Night Journal, July 3, 1922

For the time being, nonetheless, the Railway Labor Board handled to kick the strike further down the line.

” North Dakota Commemorates” by John Cassel in

New York City Night Globe, July 3, 1922 Altering subjects yet proceeding the firecracker concept, John Cassel commemorates the key political election triumph of “Non-partisan Organization” senatorial prospect Lynn Frazier over incumbent Doorperson McCumber for the GOP election. A previous guv, Frazier had actually been remembered from workplace in October, 1921 after a war him by financial and also commercial farming passions.

Lynn Frazier in 1921 and also The Golden State Guv Gray Davis in 2003 are the only 2 united state guvs ever before to be efficiently remembered. Frazier, nonetheless, won political election to the united state Us senate, where he offered up until 1941.” Back to the Unsafe and also Insane 4th” by Nelson Harding in Brooklyn Daily Eagle,

July 4, 1922 Nelson Harding tosses every little thing yet the Dyer anti-lynching costs (see the other day’s message

) right into his animation of things terrifying Uncle Sam absurd. I think his Uncle Sam expanded old.” Still Burning” by Fred Morgan in Philly Inquirer,

July 4, 1922 If we’re mosting likely to offer a Self-reliance Day honor for cantankerousness and also curmudgeonry, the reward mosts likely to Fred Morgan of the Philly Inquirer

for taking a flawlessly harmless vacation illustration and also destroying it with a Leave My Grass You Damn Youngsters inscription.

” Life’s Little Misfortunes” by Alfred G. “Zere” Ablitzere in

New York City Message,

July 3, 1922

So allow us finish rather with a pair light-hearted Freedom Day animations from the amusing web pages.(*)” Freckles and also His Pals” by Merrill Blosser for Paper Business Assn., July 4, 1922(*) Wanting you a satisfied, secure, rational, and also curmudgeon-free 4th, I continue to be,(*)– Your Pleasant Gayborhood Comic Artist.(*)

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