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Bjorn Lim’s TOP 10 PLAYTHINGS OF 2022 

Bjorn Lim’s TOP 10 PLAYTHINGS OF 2022 

Singapore-based Bjorn Lim returns with sharing his 8th TOP 10 TOYS-list in TOYSREVIL’s yearly serial attribute. As well as I need to confess I salivate over his instagram.com/kopiwriter– stream at his collection, as well as I NEEDED TO PROGRAM HIS TOY-SHELF, c’mon!


TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 10: Evangelion Unit-01 by Threezero (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: It’s tough not to such as the Evangelion. I maintained informing myself that I have to prevent the 1:6- figures-rabbit-hole (bear in mind the prime times of threea, anybody?) I took care of to prevent hauling one when Threezero launched it. I never ever truly obtained over it. I maintained taking a look at Threezero’s on the internet shop as well as various other plaything store internet sites for it. One great day, I determined to give up as well as mmmmaaaaannnn, it’s so great. If anybody out there is still having reservations regarding it, do not. You will not regret it.

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 9: Spawnbot by Soft Steel Toys as well as Proposal Toys (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: I constantly have a soft place for Spawn. As well as I simulate the Hellbot number by Soft Steel Toys (kinda discusses why I have 3 of them. lol). In some way they review my mind as well as brought out this tribute.

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 8: Nirvanalien by Prodip Leung as well as JPS Gallery (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: There’s simply something regarding Prodip Leung’s personality creates that I’m drawn in to. The good news is, his launches are sluggish as well as consistent. Or else, I’m doomed.

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 7: Molly x Peko by Pop Mart as well as Kennyswork (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: Among the factors is that the Peko-chan personality as well as Kennyswork’s Molly number are adorable. The major factor is the city tale regarding Peko-chan (I’m not going to ruin it for you, so simply google it if you are interested to understand).

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 6: Splatterhouse Rick Radiance Mask by Unbox Industries (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: There’s constantly mosting likely to be one Unbox Industries’ launch on my leading 10 listing. They launch numerous amazing playthings constantly, as well as I’m truly amazed that they have not obtained even more honors for it. For this Rick plastic number, there’s so much fond memories if you had actually played the Splatterhouse computer game. As well as also if you do not, the Splatterhouse collection by Unbox Industries is amazeballs. And also, the glow-in-the-dark horror mask is generally a rip off code that made me get it. Just how to withstand???

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 5: Quetzalcoatl by Frank Mysterio (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: I initially saw these quetzalcoatl numbers on Frank Mysterio’s IG as well as I simply like the sculpt as well as his extraordinary paint task on them. Fyi, he’s still making a couple of even more every so often so DM him fast if you detect a brand-new one in the wild by means of his IG tales.

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 4: Slimer by Unbox Industries as well as Punk Drunkers (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: Punk Drunkers’ layouts are a great deal of enjoyable, as well as this collab number with Unbox Industries is no exemption. As well as c’mon, that does not such as Ghostbusters? I’m simply grateful as well as fortunate that I procured one without being cartjacked.

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 3: Samurai (Heck Chamber) by Mighty Jaxx as well as Rob Bowyer (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: I usually like samurai, ronins or personalities with swords. If I bear in mind appropriately, my budget had not been in a great form when Mighty Jaxx launched it for PO. The good news is, a couple of sellers still have supply of it as well as I had the ability to order one for a fantastic cost.

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 2: Burger Light by Medicom as well as Undercover (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: This is not specifically a plaything, however it has actually gotten on my grail listing for the lengthiest time. It has to be on this leading 10 listing.

TOP 10 PLAYTHING OF 2022: # 1: Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles by Unbox Industries as well as Punk Drunkers (Pics on Insta)
BJORN LIM: A massive component regarding gathering playthings is obtaining activated (in an excellent way) by the things you like. Specifically right stuff we like as children. I bear in mind being glued to animations when I was a child. Batman, Transformers, He-Man, Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles, Visionaries, Bicycle Rider Computer Mice from Mars, and so on. It’s truly good to accumulate numbers that restore those memories. What makes it better is when it obtains revitalized by brand/artists/designers that I like today as a boomer.


BJORN LIM: My really initial plaything acquisition in 2023 is Unbox Industries’ Splatterhouse Egg Ova. The promotion images by Unbox Industries were dope (yes, I’m superficial this way. lol).



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