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Chichen Itza Shadows – Mexico

Mexico is the following nation in our journey worldwide in 50 experiments. Mexico lies in The United States And Canada and also shares a boundary with the USA. It’s the 14th biggest nation on the planet. Mexico is extremely warm, with deserts in the north, hills and also canyons in the centre and also jungles in the south.

Mexico is an interesting nation with a lengthy and also diverse background. It has lots of unbelievable pets and also has lots of fascinating geological attributes.

Mexico Truths

  • Funding city– Mexico City
  • Mexico has 31 states and also Mexico City which is not component of a state.
Mexico city skyline
Breathtaking sight of Mexico City
  • Key language– Spanish
  • The nationwide icon of Mexico is the gold eagle.
  • Mexico has more than 700 varieties of reptiles!
  • The lengthiest river in Mexico is the Rio Grande which begins in Colorado.

Volcanoes and also Earthquakes

Mexico becomes part of the Ring of Fire, a stretch of around 40,000 kilometres along structural plate borders in the Pacific Sea. The Ring of Fire is residence to over 450 volcanoes and also unsurprisingly the majority of the Planet’s Quakes happen on its course. Simply off the west shore of Mexico is a subduction area where the Cocos nautical plate slides under the North American continental plate. This makes Mexico susceptible to quakes. Mexico city endured a quake in 1985 that was specifically devasting for the nation.

A cooking soft drink and also vinegar volcano is a fantastic method to discover volcanoes and also I additionally have some concepts for finding out about quakes consisting of making a seismometer!

multicoloured volcano for a science project
Map of the Ring of Fire. An area of tectonic Plate boundaries around the Pacific Ocean
Ring of Fire Map revealing structural plate borders

One straightforward method to discover structural plates is with an orange! You can very carefully unpeel it and also separate the peel to stand for structural plate borders. The orange peel conforming the jam demonstrates how structural plates can press versus each various other.

Orange peel plate tectonics

Chichen Itza

Mexico is residence to Chichen Itz a, among the brand-new 7 marvels of the Globe

Chichen Itza is an old Mayan city established around the 5th or sixth century advertisement. At its height, it was residence to over 30,000 individuals with pyramids, holy places and also roadways. In the centre of Chichen Itza is a holy place called Kukulkan The theme was devoted to the snake god Kukulkan and also was where the clergymans of the moment interacted with Gods and also executed events.

The Holy Place of Kukulkan (additionally called El Castillo) has 91 actions on each side and also one action on top providing a total amount of 365, one for each and every day of the year.

Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza

The holy place is unbelievable also by today’s requirements however if you take into consideration for how long ago it was developed it’s a lot more remarkable!

Throughout the springtime and also summer season equinoxes, the darkness from the sunlight makes it appear like the serpent is gliding down the actions.

We produced our very own Holy place of Kukulkan with Lego and also utilized a lantern to recreate the snake darkness. It’s still an operate in progression, however you understand.

Lego model of Chichen Itza


Mexico is smoothly situated in between the equator and also the Polar circle making it the best location for pets running away from severe temperature levels. The grey whale is one instance of a migratory pet. Gray whales make a lengthy trip from the cool Alaskan waters to the much warmer Baja The golden state Sur to reproduce.

Mexico’s diverse environment makes it residence to a varied series of pets. Axolotls are discovered in rivers and also lakes in Central Mexico. These odd animals are remarkable to researchers since they can grow back body components including their arm or legs, spine and also heart! Unfortunately axolotls are virtually vanished in the wild.

Axolotl amphibian aquatic animal underwater close up
Axolotl amphibian water pet undersea close

Mexico is additionally residence to among the biggest rattlesnakes on the planet. The Mexican rattlesnake can be approximately 5 feet long!

You’ll additionally locate sea turtles, anteaters, ocelots, apes, lemurs, parrots, sloths, armadillos and also also donkeys in Mexico!

Sloths are specifically remarkable. Their hair is residence to great deals of various microorganisms consisting of pests, algae and also various other microorganisms. Sloths have a cooperative partnership with environment-friendly algae. The sloth gives a residence for the algae and also the algae aid camouflage the sloth, so killers locate them tougher to detect!

That’s completion of our speedy journey around Mexico.

Where will you go next off in our journey worldwide?

Chichen Itza and the Mexican flag to promote a science activity for learning about Mexico.

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