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Concern 76 –

Concern 76 –

Including brand-new tales by J. Robert Lennon, Manuel Muñoz, Eddie Fritts Tomaselli, Deborah Olin Unferth, Greg Schutz, Rogelio Juárez, and also Justin Taylor

J. Robert Lennon, “Pingüino”

It’s a grey gumdrop constructed of dreadlocks, concerning the dimension of an upturned container. As Hugo watches, it drinks itself, and also the fears vibrate and also swing. Below them, 2 red clawed feet show up grasping the perch, each with 4– no, 5– squat fingers– no, toes. Hugo can construct out 2 dazzling factors behind the fears, where eyes should certainly be, yet that has to do with it. The animal is giving off a reduced, clucking babble that advises him of a star exercising his lines backstage prior to the program.

This point is not from another location a penguin. He’s not also certain it’s a bird. He assumes it is, yet it additionally has the bearing of a tiny ape putting on an outfit of its very own style.

” Pingüino,” Hugo states, and also things clacks and also smashings.

Manuel Muñoz, “What Sort of Fool Am I”

I eliminated on the freeway with an unusual awareness, a feeling of location and also launch. I had actually never ever defaulted alone and also also the areas really felt brand-new to me, not messy or sloppy, yet populated through the eco-friendly of the coming plant. They held an assurance that I assumed Teo was silly to reject. He desired much more though, and also when I drove right into the heart of Corpus, it had not been the Gulf air or the bustle that captured my focus. I might see since it was a dirty city, salt-coated and also open as well large to the white warmth of the coming summer season. I drove past the swimming pool halls and also the barroom encouraging Ladies! simply inside their dark corridors. Beyond among benches, a male lay intoxicated in the sunlight, his chin slack and also his feet bare, yet the roads were as well vacant. No person discovered him, equally as nobody would certainly see a sixteen-year-old child straying someday and after that not there the following.

Eddie Fritts Tomaselli, “Bogie Attract Gunnie”

I would certainly been solitary for as well lengthy. Standard dating methods weren’t fairly functioning and also I was obtaining hopeless. I began looking right into woo-woo things– and also also had poor good luck with that. The Wyoming overload priestess predicted I scheduled for something unsightly, the mechanical genie maintained grinding sleeping mid-prediction, and also the glass-eyed binch maintained binching concerning my sass and also would not fess to a point. The Love Prophets sub-forum had one even more for me: a psychic intermediator in unusual Wags Region, Idaho.

Deborah Olin Unferth, “I Live” (among 4 shorts)

I began weeping a little. I strolled on, sniffling and also swiping rips from my confront with my hand, with the ceremony of supporting individuals. If anybody asked me why I was weeping, I would certainly state that my bro had actually passed away in a fight. Of training course no one asked. I exercised in my head anyhow, My bro passed away at fight, though he had not: he had actually passed away of cancer cells. “Isn’t it stunning?” I claimed to one more security personnel when I got to completion of the line of flags. “Oh,” she claimed with a prideful wave, “they do this yearly.”

Greg Schutz, “A High-School Manufacturing of Titus Andronicus

Human sacrifice, cannibalism, mutilation, rape: “Appears unpleasant,” her pattern to find bro claimed when she informed him concerning the play. He would certainly called long-distance from Camp Lejeune– calling simply for her, as he would certainly never ever done prior to. “Hey, just how you standing up?” She may’ve asked the very same point. The loss of ’97, one more build-up in the Gulf: she maintained waiting to hear he would certainly been released.

Rogelio Juárez, “Send Out Excellent Feelings”

This is our scene– ninety-six square feet of an area, one home window a little bit bigger than my outstretched hand, my cellmate Matthew Parker squealing in his rest concerning quarks and also the Huge Hadron Collider, after that, switching over topics, just how in the united state there’s 3 numerous us sent to prison and also twenty-three million out.

” An entire country,” he advises me when he gets up, in Spanish.

I react in English. “I understand. What?”

An usual disorder of whiteboys: Matthew Parker is consumed with Latin America and also Latinas. I do not understand just how that occurred, or in which order, poultry or the egg. He recognizes much more concerning Benito Juárez and also the Zapatistas than I do. He has a poster of Salma Hayek in Desperado where every little thing yet her gets on fire: the landscape, the air. He’s loud, older than me, perhaps Jewish, a difficult swelling of a male.

Justin Taylor, “In the Panhandle”

He was all challenging muscular tissue, and also I understood that if he would certainly had making use of his legs my standing like I did at bench may have been the most awful error I made all week. After that if he would certainly had usage of his legs, a whole lot of points may have been various for him, this evening or his entire life. Or they might have been specifically the very same, I think, since nevertheless I had use both of my legs, and also right here we were, the last 2 individuals in this car park.

ASF Concern 76 Cover Art by Kerri Sandve




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