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Connect Dye Suggestions: Just How to Ice Dye

Connect Dye Suggestions: Just How to Ice Dye


Discover exactly how to do among our preferred connection color suggestions. This variant on connection dyeing makes use of ice as well as powder color to make outstanding styles.  

If you enjoy to tie color as high as we do, you require to attempt ice dyeing! It’s in fact really simple as well as makes the coolest styles as well as patterns on the apparel you’re coloring. 

After attempting this earlier in the summertime (motivation many thanks to Neon Tea Ceremony) we have actually currently done it a number of times considering that! In order to ice color, the powdered color thaws in addition to ice covering a scrunched tee shirt.

That’s all there is to it as well as the outcomes are sensational!

I also made use of the method to make thanks shopping bag for my children’ educators this year!

Image by Andrea Martelle

Just How to Ice Dye


  • Connection color powder (you can acquire any type of tie color package as well as simply not blend the powdered color with water, or acquire this substitute pack that simply has powders)
  • White tee shirts (or anything white that you would love to color)
  • Ice (either cubed or squashed)
  • Parts of cardboard reduced right into strips
  • A big superficial container
  • A shelf that fits over the container (we made use of the shelfs from inside the stove however a huge air conditioning shelf would certainly function, also!)


  1. Prepare your products

    This job needs somewhat even more prep work than normal connection dyeing.

    ice dye materials

    First, reduced strips of cardboard a number of inches large as well as tape them with each other to produce a hoop to maintain your tee shirt scrunched. In this manner, as the tee shirt splashes, it does not expanded as well as impact the coloring procedure.

    Pro suggestion: You can differ the dimension of these hoops relying on the dimension of the thing you’re coloring.

    cardboard hoop and bin

    Likewise, make certain to clean your tee shirts prior to beginning (or utilize pre-washed tee shirts from your cabinets).

  2. Establish the coloring terminal

    Following, established a shelf on a superficial container, to gather the colored water. Place the hoop on the shelf. Scrunch your tee shirt as well as location it inside the hoop, however make certain it is about a solitary layer of material.

    shirt ready for dye

  3. Cover the tee shirt with ice

    Spread ice or smashed freeze the tee shirt. The even more ice, the much more water will certainly be soaked up right into the tee shirt, which will certainly spread out the color about.

    ice on shirt

  4. Sprinkle color over the ice

    Thoroughly spray powdered color over the ice, taking care to stay clear of mistakenly tinting various other color tasks!

    sprinkling dye onto shirt

    When selecting shades, make certain they are corresponding. Pick either all cozy shades (like orange as well as pink) or all amazing shades (like blue as well as environment-friendly). We made use of 2-3 various shades for every job.

    ice dyed item

    The concept behind ice dyeing is that within the powdered color there are in fact numerous shades. When combined with water, these become a solitary color. As well as when you spray the powder onto the ice, you will certainly discover that within a particular shade, there are dark as well as light tones of powder. These thaw as well as color the material various tones.

  5. Allow rest

    This is the ideal “established it as well as neglect it” job! As soon as the color gets on the ice, you simply allow it do its point.

    items being dyed with ice

    Relying on exactly how warm it is outdoors, the ice might be entirely thawed in simply a pair hrs or it could take a lot longer.

    melting ice and dye

    Note: As the ice thaws, if there are places where the color is truly focused, you can include even more ice to diffuse it.

  6. Wait a bit longer

    Once the ice is thawed, you’ll wish to allow your apparel rest for one more 4-6 hrs to make certain the color is established. The longer the color rests, the much more vivid the end product will certainly be.

    I had a tough time waiting so my sweatshirt ended up a pastel shade, however it’s still stunning!

    sweatshirt with blues and purples

    Ultimately, wash completely after that clean as well as completely dry according to the connection color bundle guidelines.

Similar to connection dyeing, the huge expose never ever obtains old! Each ice colored thing we took out of the clothes dryer was much better than the last!

Tie Dye Ideas sweatshirts pinterest
Image by Andrea Martelle

This is just one of the most effective connection color suggestions we have actually attempted up until now. We colored sweatshirts, tees as well as bags as well as they all appeared so various therefore amazing. (I assume the bags may be our preferred!)

If you have not attempted ice coloring yet, you have to provide it a shot! 

dyed bags
Image by Andrea Martelle

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