Different punctuations for standard child names

Searching for an infant name that’s timeless with a spin? Or probably you wish to honour a member of the family with their name as component of your kid’s? Take a deep dive right into a sea of standard child names with alternate punctuations.

It’s time to rethink at the names that have actually been doing the rounds considering that our moms and dads remained in nappies. There are treasures to be located. From standard appeals like Amy as well as Ruth, to timeless Aussie names like Steven as well as Shane– you’ll never ever think just how excellent they look modernised with brand-new punctuations.

Different punctuations for standard child names

We asked the big Mum’s Grapevine Facebook area to inform us one of the most special punctuations they have actually seen for usual child names, as well as right here’s what they generated (consisting of 32 various methods to lead to Tiffany):

Alternative spellings to traditional baby names


A French name in beginning, the significance of Amy is ‘precious’ or ‘well-liked’ as well as is originated from the Latin word Amare, suggesting ‘to enjoy.’

Amy is the English variant of the Old French name Amee– Aimee in modern-day French.

Different methods to lead to Amy: Aymee, Amii, Amee, Aimee, Aimeigh, Ameigh, Amey, Ami, Amie, Aymeigh


This Greek-origin name indicates ‘protector of guy’ or ‘guard of guy.’

Alexander is the is originated from the name Aléxandros, among the several Greek names sharing the extensive theme of “battle-prowess.”

Different methods to lead to Alexander:

Allexannder, Allexander, Alexannder, Aleckzander, Aleksander, Alecksander, Alexander, Alexxander, Allecksander, Alecksannder


This wonderful name is initially German in beginning as well as indicates ‘honorable.’ It is originated from the name Adalhaidis of the very same significance.

Alice a variant of the Old French name Alis, a brief type of Adelais.

Different methods to lead to Alice:

Aalis, Alyce, Alyse, Alys, Alise, Allice, Allise


A Hebrew name in beginning, the significance of Anna is ‘poise’ or ‘favour’ as well as is originated from the Greek name Ḥannāh or Chanah.

Anna is the Irish variation of Áine.

Different methods to lead to Anna:

Ana, Annah, Aunna, Arna, Ahna


With Spanish as well as Christian beginnings, Angela indicates, you thought it, ‘angel’ or ‘carrier of God. It’s acquired young boys’ name Angelus, which equates to ‘angel’ as well as likewise ‘carrier of god’

Angela is the Serbian variation of Anđela.

Different methods to lead to Angela:

Andjella, Angella, Anngella, Anngela, Angelah, Arngela, Anjelah


Indicating ‘child of the right-hand man’, this scriptural name has Hebrew beginnings. Benjamin originates from the Hebrew name Binyamin which has beginnings in guide of Genesis from the Old Testimony, where it was offered to the child of Jacob as well as Rachel.

Equated as “child of the south,” the name symbolizes Benjamin’s standing as the owner of the most southern Hebrew areas in Scriptural times.

Different methods to lead to Benjamin:

Benjaimen, Benjamyn, Benjamen, Bennjaminn, Bennjamynn, Bennjamonn, Benjaymen, Bennjamenn, Benjamon


With Irish beginnings, Brian indicates ‘high’ or ‘honorable. It is feasible that the name is originated from an Old Celtic word of the very same significance.

Brian is a version of Bryant as well as a reduced anglicized type of Ó Briain.

Different methods to lead to Brian:

Bryan, Brien, Bryean, Bryon, Bryen, Brjánn, Brijan, Bryjen, Bryand


Catherine is a woman’s name of Greek beginning as well as is originated from words Katharos suggesting ‘pure.’

It is a variant of the Latin Katharina, from the Greek Aikaterina.

Different methods to lead to Catherine:

Katheryn, Katharyn, Kathryne, Katherin, Kathrine, Catharine, Cathryn, Cathrine, Kathartine, Catharine, Kathryn


A French name in beginning, the significance of Claire is ‘brilliant, clear’ as well as was commonly a male name.

Claire is the French type of Clara, a womanly derivation of the Latin manly name Clarus.

Different methods to lead to Claire:

Clayre, Cllaere, Cllaire, Claure, Clawre, Claere, Cllaure, Cllayre, Klaire, Clare, Clair, Klare, Kleyer, Klair, Klayre


With Hebrew beginnings, David indicates ‘precious’. It’s originated from the Hebrew name Dawid, which developed from the Hebrew word dod (precious).

Scriptural in beginning, David was the best king of Israel.

Different methods to lead to David:

Davyd, Dafydd, Dayvid, Deyvid, Deyvidd, Davidd, Deyvd


Initially a Hebrew last name, Daniel indicates ‘God is my court’.

It originates from the Hebrew words Cacophony ‘to evaluate’ as well as El ‘God’ as well as has origins in scriptural times with guide of Daniel.

Different methods to lead to Daniel:

Daniayl, Danyell, Danyale, Daniail, Daniael, Daniaell, Daniale, Danniel, Danyael, Danyel, Daniell, Danniael, Danialle, Danniale, Daneyel, Danieel, Dannyel, Danyal


A scriptural name of Hebrew beginning, Elizabeth indicates ‘My God is wealth.’ It is originated from the name Elisheva which equates to ‘God is my vow.’

Its earliest beginnings can be mapped back to the Old Testimony of the Scriptures, one of the most prominent recommendation being the mommy of John the Baptist.

Different methods to lead to Elizabeth:

Alyzzabeth, Elizabethe, Elysabeth, Elisabeth, Ellyzabeth, Elyzabeth, Elizabeth, Ellizabeth


Latin in beginning, Emily indicates ‘anxious’, ‘competing’ as well as ‘productive’ as well as is originated from the Roman household name Aemilius. It is likewise thought Emily originates from the Greek term Aimylos suggesting ‘crafty’ or ‘convincing.’

Emily is the womanly type of the male variation Emil.

Different methods to lead to Emily:

Emilee, Emeleigh, Emili, Emile, Emeelee, Emilee, Emyly, Emylly, Emilli, Emyleigh, Emillie, Emeighleigh, Emielie, Emilie


An English name however with German origins, Emma indicates ‘whole’, ‘entire’ or global’, as well as is originated from the Germanic word Ermen likewise suggesting ‘entire’ or ‘global’

A womanly offered name, it is likewise made use of as a petite of Emmeline, Amelia or any type of various other name starting with ’em’

Different methods to lead to Emma:

Emmah, Ema, Imah, Emah, Eamah, Amma, Ammah, Emar


Erin is an Irish name that essentially indicates ‘Ireland’ or ‘from the island to the west.’ It’s a Hiberno-English word stemming from Éirinn which is likewise associated in suggesting to ‘Ireland’

According to Irish folklore, Erin was initially offered to the island by the Milesians after the siren Ériu.

Different methods to lead to Erin:

Errinne, Eireann, Erynn, Erinn, Eryn, Eren, Erenn, Arin, Aryn, Arryn


Steeped in Greek beginnings, George is commonly a manly name as well as indicates ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker.

It’s originated from the Greek word Georgos which is a mix of both Greek words Ge suggesting ‘planet, dirt’ as well as Ergon converting to ‘function’, with each other suggesting a tiller of the dirt.

Different methods to lead to George:

Georg, Jorg, Jorge, Jawge, Georges, Geoarge, Jeroge


German in beginning, Henry indicates ‘leader of the house’ as well as is initially from the Old Frankish name Heimeric.

Its Old French variation is led to Henri as well as the German punctuation is Henrik.

Different methods to lead to Henry: Hennree, Hennreigh, Hennri, Hennrie, Hennry, Henree, Henreigh, Henrey, Henri, Henrie


A diverse mix of Hebrew, Spanish as well as Italian beginnings, Isabella indicates ‘promise to God.’ The name is a variant of the Hebrew name Elisheba, a type of Elizabeth suggesting ‘consecrated’ or ‘God is my vow’

It is likewise a type of Isabel as well as has an abundant background in middle ages royals.

Different methods to lead to Isabella:

Izzabella, Izabella, Isabela, Isobella, Issabella, Itzabella, Iszabella


Hebrew in beginning, the name Isaac indicates ‘one that giggles’ or ‘one that is glad. It has actually developed from the name Yitzchaq, which is originates from the Hebrew word Tzachaq, suggesting ‘to laugh.’

It is believed that Isaac obtains its significance from the tale that when scriptural personalities Sarah as well as Abraham developed, individuals giggled since they were so old.

Different methods to lead to Isaac:

Isaak, Izac, Eyezac, Izac, Eysack, Issac, Izach, Eyzach, Eyzack, Izack


The name Jack is of English beginning with the significance ‘God is thoughtful.’ It is originated from John, which came from middle ages England (it went from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin to Jack).

There is likewise a concept that Jack has Celtic beginnings, suggesting ‘healthy and balanced, solid as well as filled with vital force.’

Different methods to lead to Jack:

Jacques, Jaques, Jeke, Jak, Jacc, Jac, Jach, Jaak


A unisex name of Hebrew as well as English beginning, James commonly implied ‘supplanter’ as well as originates from the initial Hebrew word for Jacob.

It is likewise a scriptural name: 2 of Jesus’ apostles were called James.

Different methods to lead to James:

Jaymz, Jaemes, Jaimes, Jaymes, Jayemes, Jaims, Jaaymes, Jaames


English in beginning, Jane (like Jack) indicates ‘God is thoughtful.’ It is the English for of the name Jehanne, the Old French womanly type of Iohannes as well as the Latin type of the Greek name Iōannēs.

There’s also ideas that Jane is originated from the Hebrew name Yochanan which indicates ‘Yahweh is merciful.’

Different methods to lead to Jane:

Jayne, Jaean, Jaeen, Jaene, Jaenne, Jaine, Jainne, Jaynne, Jeynne, Jeyne, Jehanne, Jehn


Hebrew as well as scriptural in beginning, John indicates ‘beautified by God’ as well as is originated from the Hebrew word Yohanan which initially showed up in the scriptures in the Old Testimony.

John is the English for, of Iohannes as well as Ioannes which are Latin types of the Greek name Ioannis

Different methods to lead to John:

J’onn, Johnn, Jon, Geon, Johne, Jonn, Jean, Jorrn


With Hebrew beginnings, this prominent young boys’ name indicates ‘the Lord is my redemption’.

It shares the very same beginnings as the name Jesus as well as stems from the Hebrew name Yehoshua: Yeho suggesting God as well as Shua suggesting ‘to provide or conserve.’

Different methods to lead to Joshua:

Jhoshuar, Joshuwah, Joshuah, Joshuwa, Jozua, Joshewa, Joshuaa, Josewa, Djoshua, Jossyouah


English in beginning, Jennifer indicates ‘reasonable, soft’ as well as is initially a Cornish variation of the Welsh name Gwynhwyfar, made use of for females of light skin.

Additionally a variant of the name Gwenivere, a Welsh name that indicates ‘white ghost’ or ‘phantom’– scary!

Different methods to lead to Jennifer:

Jenneyfer, Jenniefer, Jennifer, Jennipher, Jennyfer, Jennypher, Jenafar, Jenafer, Jenaffar, Jenaffer, Jenaffr, Jenafor, Jenafr, Jenaphar, Jenapher, Jenaver, Jenavyr, Jeneefer, Jenefar, Jenefer, Jeneffar, Jeneffer, Jeneffr, Jenefr, Jenepher, Jenerfer, Jenfer, Jenifer, Jeniffar, Jeniffer, Jeniffr, Jenifir, Jenifr, Jenifre, Jenifur, Jeniphar, Jenipher, Jeniphyr, Jenirfer


With Scottish as well as Celtic beginnings, Keith is both a location as well as nature name from the Gaelic word Ceiteach. It indicates ‘timber, woodland.’

Additionally a last name, the Keith clan is just one of one of the most effective as well as remarkable households in Scottish background. Practice states that they took their name from the woody land offered by the king to among their forefathers after he fearlessly eliminated a Danish basic in an 11th century fight.

Different methods to lead to Keith:

Keyth, Keeth, Kejth, Keath, Keathe, Kiith, Kithe


Of Scottish as well as Indigenous beginnings, Kylie is typically mentioned as a Noongar name in Aboriginal Australian society as well as originates from words Kiley significance ’rounded, returning stick’ or ‘boomerang.’ One more resource is from the Irish last name O’Kiely, which in stems from the Old Gaelic last name O’Cadhla, suggesting ‘stylish or gorgeous’, offspring of the stylish one.

Kylie has actually likewise been made use of as a womanly type of the Scottish name Kyle.

Different methods to lead to Kylie:

Khai-Leigh, Khylie, Kylei, Kyley, Kilie, Kyllie, Keighleigh, Kielie, Kyli, Kyly, Kylee, Kyleigh, Kilei, Kileigh, Kylly, Kyllee, Kylli, Kilee, Kylleigh, Cylee, Kaileigh, Ky-Lee


The name Laura is the feminized type of laurus, Latin for “ bay laurel plant“, which in the Greco-Roman period was made use of as a sign of triumph, honor or popularity.

With Latin beginnings, Laura indicates ‘bay laurel plant’, which in the Greco-Roman period was made use of as a sign of triumph, honour or popularity.

Basing On its very own as an offered name, it is the womanly type of Laurus as well as was initially a label of Laurel or Lauren.

Different methods to lead to Laura:

Lora, Lawra, Laurah, Loura, Llora, Llaura, Lorah, Lorra, Lawrah


Indicating ‘pearl’, Margaret is acquired both from the French name Marguerite as well as the Latin Margarita from old Greece.

Margaret has several types in several languages, consisting of: Maggie, Madge, Margo, Marjorie, Meg, Megan as well as remarkably Rita, Gretchen as well as Peggy!

Different methods to lead to Margaret:

Margarett, Margarette, Margret, Margerete, Mahgret, Mahgaret, Margarite, Mahhgret, Margarreet


The name Michael is of Hebrew beginning that indicates that ornate inquiry ‘that resembles God?’ whose solution is ‘there is none like El’.

The multi-cultural name is acknowledged by Jews, Christians, as well as Muslims as well as was offered to emperors, kings, as well as saints.

Different methods to lead to Michael:

Mykill, Michaell, Mychayl, Michaill, Michayl, Mychael, Michail, Mychaell, Michayll, Mychail, Mykaleelle


With different beginnings, Nina indicates various points in various languages. In connection to the Spanish word niña it indicates ‘little woman’, in Hebrew it indicates ‘God was thoughtful; as well as in Hindi it indicates ‘gorgeous’ simply to call a couple of.

In Russian, Nina is a variant of the name Anne, a commonly-used as well as timeless name throughout several English-speaking nations.

Different methods to lead to Nina:

Nhyinnah, Neina, Neyna, Nyna, Neena, Neenah, Ninah, Kneena


With Scottish, Dutch, English as well as also South Indian beginnings, Phillip indicates ‘enthusiast of equines.’ It’s originated from the Greek name Philippos which is developed from Philein ‘to enjoy’ as well as Hippos ‘steed.’

The name is a by-product of comparable names of various other languages like the French Philippe, Italian Filippi as well as Spanish Felipe.

Different methods to lead to Phillip:

Filip, Fillip, Fylyp, Philip, Phyllyp, Phylyp, Felip, Fillap, Filipe, Filop, Filup, Filyp, Phillap, Fylap


The name Raymond stemmed as the Gemanic name Raginmund as well as indicates ‘counselling guard’ or ‘popular guard.’

It is likewise a variant of the from the Old Norman French word Raimund which indicates ‘smart security.’

Different methods to lead to Raymond:

Raemond, Raemonnd, Raimond, Raimonnd, Ramonnd, Reymond, Reymend, Reimund, Raimund


Of Hebrew beginning, Ruth has the significance ‘close friend’, ‘relationship,’ or ‘thoughtful close friend.’ It is originated from the Hebrew word re’ut, suggesting ‘close friend.’

With scriptural beginnings, Ruth is the protagonist in guide of Ruth in the Old Testimony, which is just one of just 2 publications called after a lady.

Different methods to lead to Ruth:

Rooth, Rhuth, Rueth, Ruuth, Roothe


With Irish beginnings, Shane indicates ‘God is thoughtful’ as well as is originated from the means Seán is articulated in the Ulster language of the Irish lauguage.

Shane is often made use of as a womanly offered name, originated from the Yiddish name Shayna, suggesting ‘gorgeous’.

Different methods to lead to Shane:

Chayne, Shain, Shayne, Shayn, Chane, Shayyn, Shaine


English in beginning, Shirley is an initial as well as last name which was initially originated from a name significance ‘brilliant cleaning’ in Old English.

This is composed of the aspects Scire ‘county’ or Scīr ‘brilliant, clear’ as well as Lēah ‘timber, cleaning, field, unit.’

Different methods to lead to Shirley:

Shirlee, Sherlee, Cher-Lee, Cherly, Shirly, Cherlee, Cherli, Sherli, Sherlei, Sherleigh, Sherly, Shirleigh, Shirlie, Shirlli, Shurlei, Shurlee, Shurleigh, Shurlie, Shurlley, Shyrleigh, Shryley, Shyrli, Shyrlie, Shyrlley, Shyrly


With Greek beginnings, Sandra indicates ‘guard of mankind’ or ‘protector of individuals.’

It is a variant of the name Alexandra which is the womanly type of Alexander or Alexandros.

Different methods to lead to Sandra:

Sanndra, Xandra, Zandra, Zanndra, Sandruh, Sandraa, Saandra, Sandera


Hebrew in beginning, Sharon indicates ‘an abundant level’ as well as is originated from words Saron which indicates ‘ordinary.’

Historically made use of as a manly name too, in the Scriptures, Sharon describes level land at the foot of Mount Carmel.

Different methods to lead to Sharon:

Sharen, Sharren, Sharenn, Sharin, Sharan, Sharonn, Sharron, Sharyn, Sharynn


With Hebrew origins, Simon indicates ‘pay attention’ or ‘hearing’. It is likewise a timeless Greek name, originating from an adjective significance ‘flat-nosed’.

In the initial century advertisement, Simon was one of the most prominent male name for Jews in Roman Judea.

Different methods to lead to Simon:

Symon, Sighmon, Simen, Simenn, Simin, Siminn, Simonn, Simyn, Symen, Symyn


An British name significance ‘garland’ or ‘crown,’ the name Steven is originated from the English name Stephen

It is likewise related to the Dutch name Stefan, which in a similar way indicates ‘crown’ as well as ‘wreath.’

Different methods to lead to Steven: Steyvyn, Stevenn, Stevven, Steeven, Steevin, Stevin, Steevyn, Stephan, Stephen, Steefen


Of Greek beginnings, Tiffany has the significance ‘discovery of God’ or ‘God’s look’ as well as is an anglicized variation of the name Theophania which indicates ‘surprise.’

The comparable Greek male name is Theophanes, typically reduced to Phanis.

Different methods to lead to Tiffany:

Tiphanie, Tiffani, Tiffanny, Tiphphaneigh, Tiphphany, Tyffany, Tiffaneigh, Tiffanee, Tiffaney, Tiffanie, Tyffani, Tyffanie, Tyffanny, Tiffanni, Tiphphani, Tiffannee, Tiphphaney, Tyffaneigh, Tiffanneigh, Tiphphanee, Tiffannie, Tyffaney, Tiffanney, Tiphphanie, Typhphany, Tiphphanny, Tiffanei, Tyffaney, Tiffanney, Teighffaneigh, Teeffanee, Tieffanie


Of Greek as well as Latin beginnings, Tony indicates ‘invaluable one’ in Latin as well as ‘growing’ in Greek.

In English as well as French it’s brief type of the prominent name Anthony.

Different methods to lead to Tony:

Tonee, Tonei, Toneigh, Tonie, Tonnee, Tonneigh, Tonney, Tonni, Tonnie, Tonny, Townie, Townee, Toeknee


Indicating ‘tenacious guard’ or ‘stubborn warrior,’ William originates from the Germanic name Wilhelm which is made up of the aspects Wil ‘will certainly’ or ‘wish’ as well as Helm ‘headgear’ or ‘security.’

Womanly variants of the name consist of Wilhelmina, Wilma, as well as Billie.

Different methods to lead to William:

Wilyam, Wylyam, Wiliam, Wyllyam, Wiliem, Williem, Wileyam, Wyliem

Alternative spelling for traditional baby names

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