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Easy Alphabet Matching Task – Busy Young Child

Easy Alphabet Matching Task – Busy Young Child

Seeking an very easy alphabet matching task for your kid? This basic interior task makes use of just 2 materials, yet is overflowing with hands-on understanding. Get some foam letters and also established this alphabet task today.

A child reaches for a purple letter X stuck to a window. There are dry erase marker letters on the glass and other foam letters stuck to it.

Alphabet tasks in very early youth are commonly come down to the web pages of a workbook and also stuck on flashcards. What Happens If those aren’t the most effective method to instruct a youngster the letters of the alphabet?

Rather than relying upon recurring memorization strategies to discover the alphabet, what happens if we allow youngsters have fun with, check out, and also adjust letters in a hands-on, spirited method?

Suppose we took the alphabet off paper and also right into the hands of youngsters?

That’s precisely what this very easy alphabet matching task does.

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What occurs in a simple alphabet matching task?

In this task, we are taking the alphabet and also putting it right into a youngster’s hand.

We are allowing them hold and also touch letters, yet much more, we are inquiring to match the form of a written letter with the form of a foam letter.

Also if the kid does not understand every letter name, they might have the ability to finish this task due to the fact that this task. Why? Due to the fact that this task is not fixated recognizing the name of each letter, yet rather it concentrates on:

  • Identifying the form of various letters
  • Direct exposure to the alphabet
  • Recognizing the form of a letter in 2 contexts

Once more: this task has to do with matching.

It has to do with direct exposure to letters. It has to do with experience with letters. It is not concerning resting a youngster down and also inquiring to remember letter names because one resting.

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A child reaches for a purple letter R stuck to a window. There are dry erase marker letters on the glass and other foam letters stuck to it.


The supply checklist for this task is marginal. This isn’t made complex, which’s exactly how tasks for youngsters ought to be. Tasks do not require to be complicated to be important.

Quick plug for these foam letters as a task supply: I understand this might look like an irregular task supply, yet these are my faves.

Below are some tasks we enjoy utilizing them:

A child reaches to add a red letter N to a window. There are dry erase marker letters on the glass and other foam letters stuck to it.

The set up

On a home window or gliding glass door, create alphabet letters in completely dry remove pen.

I had top instance (funding) foam letters so I created top instance letters on the slider. Choice: You can create reduced instance letters as an obstacle.

In a plastic container, I placed the foam letters and also some water. The water makes the foam letters stick to glass (temporarily) which really feels a little bit enchanting to youngsters.

I offered my child the directions for the alphabet matching task: match the foam letters to the ones I created.

Something concerning this was a 10/10 for her and also her preschool-aged huge bro. RELATED:

A child reaches into a plastic container full of water and foam alphabet letters.

Stressed your kid hasn’t understood the alphabet? Please review my article of

youngsters finding out the ABCs.

Establishing this task up on repeat

When my child completed, she demanded playing once again. She drew her items off the home window, cleaned it down, and also I offered a strong help with reprinting the letters.

Obviously I placed them in a various order for round 2 which tossed her for a loophole and also I enjoyed it.

A child squats on the floor in front of a sliding glass door placing foam letters onto to. There are many letters on the glass.

Afterwards, she simply had fun with the foam letters on the gliding glass door– comparable to exactly how she has fun with them in the tub, yet in a brand-new place. I’ll take it due to the fact that I had the ability to make supper while all this dropped.

Since’s a task wonder.

Often Asked Concerns

When do youngsters discover the alphabet?

Youngsters discover the alphabet on a range in between ages 2 and also 6 years of ages. That’s a huge array! In the majority of very early youngsters, moms and dads are made use of to youngsters fulfilling landmarks on much smaller sized ranges: surrendering is series of a couple of months, strolling is a series of 6 months … yet finding out the alphabet occurs at some point in a period of 5+ years. That’s a huge variant youngster to youngster.

Exactly how do I instruct my kid the ABCs?

Youngsters discover the alphabet finest via direct exposure and also experiences with it, instead of straight direction memorization. Think about finding out letter names like finding out pet names. Rather than flash carding the kid various pets, you instruct those names in context: “That’s a cow.” Do the exact same with letters. “That’s an M.” Letters do not require to be pressed in a different way than various other natural understanding like pets, forms, and also shades.

What age is a simple alphabet matching task best for?

Depends upon the kid and also their passion in the alphabet. Rather than choosing based upon age, check out the alphabet phase your kid goes to: do the identify letters of the alphabet (with or without recognizing their name)? Does the kid recognize exactly how to match comparable things? Are they thinking about having fun with the alphabet?

Susie Allison, M. Ed Proprietor, Developer Susie Allison is the designer of Busy Young child and also has greater than 2 million fans on Instagram A previous educator and also very early youth education and learning supporter, Susie’s parenting publication “

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