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Easy Art Trading Cards Projects for Children

Easy Art Trading Cards Projects for Children


Listed below you’ll locate great deals of concepts for Art Trading Card Projects. In some cases called ATCs, they are mini artworks, made on a card the dimension the a common trading card (2.5 ″ x 3.5 ″).

End Up the Image ATC Job

Sketch are included in pictures
Sneak Peek of the PDF layout offered listed below

End Up the Image 2 ATC Job

atc ideas

Crazy Watercolor ATCs

Lemon juice went down on a watercolor art trading cards will certainly make some rather awesome forms if delegated rest for a couple of mins. Provide it a couple of mins to saturate, swab away with a cells, as well as some insane forms are left because of this.


PREPARATION: Cut watercolor paper to the conventional ATC dimension: 3.5 ″ x 2.5 ″.
1. Repaint with fluid watercolor paint, overlapping locations to ensure that they hemorrhage with each other. KEEP IN MIND: I utilized Dr. Ph. Martin’s paint to obtain the extreme shades. Ideally, utilize complete toughness paint to obtain optimal shade. Allow completely dry, or make several cards so to provide the initial once to completely dry.
2. Make use of a brush or eyedropper to put tiny dots of lemon juice on cards. Allow rest for a number of mins prior to swabbing with a cells. The citric acid will certainly “bleach” out the shade listed below it.
3. Make use of a black round factor pen or pen to map the forms that are produced as well as transform them right into whatever animals enter your mind.

” Points that are Orange” ATCs

artist trading card theme ideas


  1. PREPARATION: Cut 9 cards for every trainee, 2.5 ″ x 3.5 ″.
  2. Pupils attract points on their cards that are orange. I shared some orange Washi tape from Michaels in polka dot as well as candy striped patterns for added ideas.
  3. They map the sides with a slim black pen.
  4. The forms are tinted in with pencil pastels.

Black as well as White Sticker Label Cards


  1. Pupils take scissors to a selection of sticker labels to find up with some sort of picture.
  2. The objective is to make 9 various cards, all with various “points” made with simply white forms.
  3. The cards are put in a trading card sleeve.

Mini College Paper ATCs

blank artist trading cards

• Little Letter PDF layout web page

Kandinsky Circles

Kandinsky was just one of the initial developers of pure abstraction in modern-day paint. Pupils can enjoy copying his shade design, as well as for a modification, wish their shades “run” right into each various other a little bit.

Hexagon to Cubes ATC Cards


PREPARATION: Make a 2 ″ hexagon pattern for every trainee, on 2 1/8 ″ x 5 ″ cardstock paper. Cut watercolor paper to 2.5 ″ x 3.5 ″ cards, 9 for every trainee.

1. Pupils attract a hexagon in the center of a watercolor card. A “Y” form is attracted inside the hexagon to make the dice. The lines are mapped with an irreversible pen.

2. To make the dices appear like they have darkness, layers of watercolor are used. Mine have one layer on the top, 2 layers on the best side, as well as 3 layers on the. Some shades reveal even more distinction than others, yet it is still a great approach for making refined darkness with watercolor.

Weaving ATC Cards

trading card project


  1. Pupils fold up the cards in fifty percent to gauge 2.5 ″ x 1.75 ″. Making use of a scissors, they reduced 4 slits on the layer, as well as open up the card up once more.
  2. Pupils weave the slim strips right into their cards flat, ideally accessing the very least 3 in each card. Those that intend to include a little added style might include really slim strips in addition to fatter ones, as revealed with the yellow as well as orange in the leading right card.
  3. Maintain all the cards in trading card sleeves that you can locate at Staples or on Amazon.com.

Attracting Gems

drawing jewelry


Preparation: I diagrammed on the board exactly how to attract each gem initially, mainly beginning with the within forms and after that exercising. I maintain seeing that a lot of trainees take care of attracting straight lines far more quickly than rounded ones, so this functioned well for kinder via fourth quality.

  1. Pupils attracted their gems in pencil.
  2. The lines were mapped with the irreversible black pen.
  3. The gems were repainted with watercolor.
  4. When completely dry, the cards were put in a trading card sleeve. Pupils required to make 9 cards to load their web page.

Heart Stamp ATC cards

DIY Valentines


  1. PREPARATION: Cut great deals of white card supply to trading card dimension (2.5 ″ x 3.5 ″). Cut whole lots tinted paper to 2 ″ x 3 ″ rectangular shapes.
  2. Pupils utilize an opening strike to punch fifty percent of an opening out completely around the white paper.
  3. A heart opening strike is utilized to punch out the preferred heart color to take place the tinted rectangular shape.
  4. The heart is glued on the tinted paper, and after that both are glued onto the white “stamp”.
  5. Cards are saved in a plastic sleeve.

ATC Paper Quilts

art trading cards ideas

ATC Appearance Illustration

ATC Loss Trees from Tape

ATC Look a Boo Cats

ATC Watercolor Sea Life Cards

ATC Snowflakes over Watercolor history




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