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GAIA Natural probiotic tooth paste testimonial

GAIA Natural probiotic tooth paste testimonial


Mums suggest the GAIA Natural Probiotic Tooth Paste

Offered in 4 enjoyable, naturally-derived flavours, GAIA Natural Probiotic Tooth paste is enhanced with probiotics and also xylitol to sustain children’ dental wellness. Without fluoride and also fabricated colours and also flavours, the tooth paste includes 99% all-natural beginning active ingredients, natural Calendula, and also Aloe Vera.

Appropriate for usage from 6 months old, GAIA Natural Probiotic Toothpastes are risk-free to ingest if utilized as routed.

Carefully Australian-made and also had, they’re quite Tooth Fairy accepted!

GAIA Naturals Probiotic toothpaste

5 factors we like GAIA Natural Probiotic Tooth Paste:

  1. It boosts their dental wellness
    Having valuable probiotics that shield little mouths versus poor microorganisms, GAIA tooth paste is everything about enhancing dental wellness and also protecting against horrible tooth cavities.
  2. It includes all-natural active ingredients
    GAIA tooth paste includes all-natural active ingredients you can in fact articulate. Organic Calendula aids relieve little periodontals and also teeth, while Aloe Vera is recognized for its anti-bacterial buildings.
  3. It’s super-yummy, yet devoid of nasties
    We understand obtaining your kids to clean their teeth can be complicated, yet not with these tooth pastes! They’re mosting likely to like the tempting flavours, whilst you’ll like recognizing there’s absolutely nothing fabricated concerning them visible.
  4. It’s risk-free to ingest
    Opportunities are, kids still finding out to spew are mosting likely to ingest a few of their tooth paste (which can trigger fluorosis in primary teeth). Being fluoride-free, GAIA tooth paste is risk-free to unintentionally ingest percentages. Phew.
  5. It’s cruelty-free and also Australian had and also made
    Have comfort recognizing that GAIA tooth paste (and also all GAIA items for that issue) are carefully made in Australia and also not evaluated on pets.

We asked twelve mums from the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook Child Teams to attempt the GAIA Natural Probiotic Tooth Paste and also right here’s what they needed to claim:

Hayley, mum of 16-month-old Zoey

Hayley GAIA Toothpaste

” It’s most definitely something we will certainly remain to utilize!”

I am truly pleased with just how the children required to attempting a brand-new tooth paste.

The flavour selections make it enjoyable for any ages and also truly had them delight in teeth cleaning up time. The included probiotic is something that has actually been suggested by our dental practitioner and also I’m so delighted there is an array that is budget friendly and also provides us the possibility to boost our dental treatment regimen.

Favourite Flavour: Moderate Mint & & Berry Ruptured

Hayley Wakefield GAIA toothpaste review

Pandora, mum of 15-month-old Evelyn

Pandora GAIA review” My kid enjoyed having the ability to conveniently hold television in her little hands”

I definitely enjoyed the GAIA Natural Probiotic Tooth Paste. Not just do they have healthy and balanced probiotics and also are made from all-natural active ingredients yet they likewise can be found in a range of flavours which all of us recognize comes in handy for children that can be picky.

My kid enjoyed the little tubes and also having the ability to hold them conveniently in her hands. She likewise took pleasure in attempting various flavours apart from the typical mint you locate in various other brand names.

Favourite Flavour: Berry Ruptured

Pandora Taylor GAIA toothpaste review

Meaghan, mum of 17-month-old River

Meaghan GAIA toothpaste review

” Recognizing it’s 100% natural makes me really feel secure”

Reaching attempt the brand-new GAIA Natural Probiotic tooth paste was excellent timing for River’s very first experience with cleaning his teeth. I directly enjoyed the mint yet the victor with bubs was the Fruit Smoothie mix.

We are still servicing the rinse and also spit yet recognizing it’s 100% natural makes me really feel secure since he is enjoying it!

Favourite Flavour: Moderate Mint

Meaghan GAIA toothepaste review

Sarah, mum of 20-month-old Levi

Sarah GAIA Review

” I like the safety and security of recognizing it’s fluoride-free”

The GAIA Natural Probiotic tooth paste has actually most definitely boosted the total experience of teeth cleaning for me and also my boy.

I like the safety and security that this is an all-natural and also fluoride-free item, making me really feel secure recognizing it’s risk-free for my boy.

I like the cute product packaging and also enjoyable flavours. Favourite Flavour:

Moderate Mint

Sarah Prisk GAIA toothpaste review

Meg GAIA Toothpaste

Meg, mum of 19-month-old Marigold

” I’ll most definitely acquire them once again”

I enjoyed the variety of flavours of the GAIA Natural Probiotics tooth paste array as my child does not fuss concerning with the preference, aiding her expect her toothbrushing.

I simply definitely enjoyed the items and also would most definitely acquire them once again as it’s such a terrific enhancement to kids’ toothbrushing regimen. Favourite Flavour:

Berry Ruptured

Meg GAIA toothpaste review

Teaghan Star Review

Teaghan, mum of 2.5-year-old Ivy

” We definitely enjoyed the GAIA tooth paste.”

My child truly does not such as cleaning her teeth yet she likes the flavours and also in fact eagerly anticipates cleaning her teeth currently!

The product packaging is enjoyable and also vibrant and also the preference is wonderful! I like there are no nasties. Such a terrific item. Favourite Flavour:

Teaghan Gaia toothpaste review

Berry Ruptured

Kahlia GAIA Toothpaste

Kahlia, mum of 23-month-old Noah

” I like that it has no concealed nasties”

What I enjoyed one of the most around this tooth paste is that it’s 100% risk-free for my boy to utilize, without any concealed nasties.

I likewise like the product packaging for children. I would most definitely buy this item as my boy likes it and also it has actually made cleaning his teeth a wind. Favourite Flavour:

Fruit Healthy Smoothie & & Bubblegum

Kahlia Zimmermann GAIA toothpaste review

Aimee GAIA review Aimee, mum of 21-month-old Teddy

” The product packaging is basic, vibrant, and also very easy to check out”

Among Teddy’s preferred tasks is cleaning his teeth, he would certainly invest throughout the day in the washroom cleaning away if I allowed him. The flavours are remarkable, Teddy enjoyed cleaning his teeth on a daily basis with a various flavoured tooth paste!

We like whatever concerning the item, the product packaging is basic, vibrant, and also very easy to check out. We would most definitely acquire consistently. Favourite Flavour:

Berry Ruptured


Jamie GAIA review Jamie, mum of 1-year-old Henley

” The children in fact expect doing their teeth”

We loved GAIA all-natural probiotic tooth paste! My children constantly claim that sort of tooth paste are “also hot” yet we have actually not had that issue with these.

We have actually switched over to this brand name currently and also the children in fact expect doing their teeth. Fantastic item and also product packaging. Favourite Flavour:

Fruit Healthy Smoothie


Rachel GAIA review

Rachel, mum of 2-year-old Peyton

” I like the easy-to-squeeze tubes for little hands!”

We definitely like the GAIA Natural Probiotic tooth paste. Both of my ladies have actually truly taken pleasure in utilizing it, as a matter of fact, I have actually needed to quit Peyton from attempting to consume it as a treat several times! It has actually made the feared teeth cleaning time a bit much easier since they’re in fact delighted to clean their teeth.

I likewise like the fun-coloured product packaging, wonderful flavours, easy-to-squeeze tubes for little hands. I’ll most definitely be buying this when we go out! Favourite Flavour:

Moderate Mint & & Berry Ruptured

Rachel Clarke GAIA toothpaste review

Rachael GAIA review Rachael, mum of 2-year-old Makayla

” My 5-year-old likes it too”

Definitely enjoyed this tooth paste! It has actually been a battle to obtain my young child to clean her teeth yet with the GAIA Natural Probiotic Tooth Paste, she was essentially going to the washroom so thrilled to clean them. It has actually made our regular a lot simpler! An included bonus offer is that my 5-year-old likes it. It has such quite product packaging and also Makayla was delighted to attempt every colour.

Favourite Flavour:

Rachael Schrader GAIA toothpaste

Berry Ruptured

Stefanie GAIA review

Stefanie, mum of 2-year-old Memphis

” The colours are enjoyable and also welcoming” The odor of the tooth paste is remarkable and also both my children took pleasure in the preference. The colours are enjoyable and also welcoming.

Stefanie GAIA toothpaste review

Mums Review: GAIA Probiotic Toothpaste | Mum's Grapevine

Favourite Flavour: Bubblegum GAIA probiotic tooth paste is offered online from

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