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Hong Kong– A Living Background of the Plaything Company– International Plaything Information

Hong Kong– A Living Background of the Plaything Company– International Plaything Information

Mr. CK Yeung is the previous Vice Chairman of Blue Box International Limited. He belongs to the Hong Kong Toys Advisory Board, the Hong Kong Profession Growth Council, and also previous Vice Head of state of the Hong Kong Toys Council.

Mr. Yeung is a Hong Kong Toys Advisory Board participant and also the Hong Kong Profession Growth Council. He is the previous Vice Head of state of the Hong Kong Toys Council. He is the Hong Kong Plaything Organization honorary specialist on the plaything gallery concerns

As all of us recognize, Toys are not simply for youngsters’s play. Toys are a lot extra. They are social items very closely connected with background, social advancements, youngsters’s education and learning, abroad profession, and also inevitably financial growth. Hong Kong has actually played a necessary duty in creating the worldwide plaything market after the 2nd globe battle.

Prior to the battle, the USA and also Germany were the leading plaything suppliers. After the battle, Japan came to be the top distributor of playthings when the united state plaything suppliers relocated manufacturing to Japan. That all altered when the U.K., the USA, and also various other European nations began to acquire playthings from Hong Kong as a result of set you back benefit. From 1960 forward the Hong Kong plaything market progressively developed its setting as the worldwide plaything.

In 2010, The Toys Manufacturers’ Organization of Hong Kong released a publication called “PLAYTHING COMMUNITY,” in which the writer Sarah Monks assisted inform a remarkable tale of the growth pf the Hong Kong plaything market.

Over the previous 80 years, Hong Kong plaything firms and also suppliers have actually made vast varieties of innovative playthings and also ready the worldwide markets. We prefer to house them professionally to inform their tale. Our plaything others all desire to go for a long-term Toys Gallery such as the ones developed in virtually all the globe’s significant cities. Doing so can show our case as the worldwide Plaything.

On December 2011, we held a “Toys Gallery Event” under the name” PLAYTHINGS PARADISE-THE IMAGINATION AND ALSO PLAYTHING SOCIETY OF HONG KONG” at the Hong Kong Layout Institute exhibit hall for 3 months. The exhibit offered about 1,000 picked playthings made in Hong Kong throughout various historic periods.

The exhibit showcased 100 classic playthings from the very early Qing Empire to the 1960s. These playthings were made from clay, bamboo posts, fabric, timber, paper, and so on
The exhibit was really effective. Throughout the program, continuously lines of site visitors marked time at the door to get in daily. Furthermore, the exhibit drew in a variety of media electrical outlets.

5 years later on, we placed on a much bigger Toys Gallery Event, Entitled “The Tale of Hong Kong Toys.” We released it at the Gallery of Background in Might 2017. It was collectively offered and also arranged by the Recreation and also Cultural Solutions Division, the Hong Kong Gallery of Background, the Hong Kong Plaything Council, and also The Toys Manufacturers’ Organization of Hong Kong. 4 hundred thousand site visitors of every ages went to the exhibit over its 2 and also half months.

Various classifications of playthings and also video games were magnificently presented, covering a location of about 30,000 square feet. Numerous considerable and also famous masterpieces were presented outdoors location where site visitors might appreciate taking images.

This exhibit offered things from the past and also existing, consisting of traditional playthings and also video games of various classifications, playthings in fashion, and also playthings in the brand-new period.

International and also residential plaything brand names and also firms sustained the exhibit as did the Gallery of Background’s abundant collection, the Social Gallery of Hong Kong, and also plaything collection agencies. We additionally alloted room for youngsters to have fun with totally free playthings given away by our plaything business advocates.

In December 2022, reps from both the Hong Kong Toys Council. and also The Toys Manufacturers’ Organization of Hong Kong met the federal government to reveal our wish for the federal government to sustain the facility of a “IRREVERSIBLE PLAYTHINGS GALLERY’. In our discussion to the federal government, we referenced the globe’s crucial Toys Museums: The Solid Gallery of Play in the USA, The Nurnberg Toys Gallery, and also plaything galleries in various other European nations and also Japan. These galleries all sustain each nation’s heritage, society, and also education and learning.

I am positive that some day we will at some point obtain our Hong Kong Plaything Gallery, drawing in visitors worldwide.



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