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Infant feeding graph – The number of ounces of breastmilk should an infant consume?– Nested Bean

Infant feeding graph – The number of ounces of breastmilk should an infant consume?– Nested Bean


Feeding is among the very first tasks you’ll perform with your child, and also you’ll invest great deals of time doing it as a brand-new moms and dad! Whether your child is formula-fed, nursed, or consuming strong foods, feeding them the correct amount is important for their growth.

Keep reading to get more information concerning just how much bust milk, formula, and also strong food you require to maintain your child healthy and balanced at any kind of age.

From the professionals: child feeding

‘ It is necessary to keep in mind all infants are various– some like to treat more frequently, and also others consume even more at once and also go much longer in between feedings. A lot of infants will certainly consume even more and also go much longer in between feedings as they obtain larger and also their stomaches can hold even more milk.’

– Sanjeev Jain, MD, Healthy And Balanced Kids

In this short article:

  • Bust milk feedings and also quantities by age

  • Formula feeding and also quantities by age

  • Strong food feedings and also quantities by age

  • Infant feeding frequently asked question

Bust milk feedings and also quantities by age

Though breastfeeding has an entire host of advantages, from giving bonding time with your child to providing all the nutrients they require to expand and also establish, it can be challenging to understand just how much they’re in fact consuming if you aren’t pumping!

If you’re feeding your child straight from the bust, they’ll likely intend to consume little and also typically in the beginning – every 1-3 hrs for the very first couple of weeks. As they age, this will certainly lower to longer feeds every 2-4 hrs, and also you might consist of a stretch of time in between feedings during the night as your child rests.

Once they get to 6 months old and also you begin presenting strong food right into their diet regimen, the quantity of breastfeeding and also ounces of milk per feeding will certainly differ relying on just how much food they’re consuming.

If you’re picking to largely pump bust milk, you’ll likely locate it a great deal less complicated to determine simply just how much milk your child is obtaining. This does not indicate you understand the right quantity for each age! To aid you out, we have actually developed a table specifying just how much bust milk to offer your child and also exactly how typically:

Age Time in between feedings Ounces per feeding
0-1 Month 2-3 hrs 1-3 ounces
1-3 Months 3-4 hrs 3-4 ounces
3-6 months 4-6 hrs 4-8 ounces
6-9 months 4-6 hrs 6-8 ounces
9-12 months 5-8 hrs 7-8 ounces

Bear in mind that this table is just a harsh overview – your child is special, and also they may be flawlessly healthy and balanced consuming basically than defined below.

If you’re not sure that your child is taking in the correct amount of bust milk, you ought to consult your doctor for even more guidance.

Formula feeding and also quantities by age

In addition to being easier for numerous moms and dads and also even more easily accessible for fathers, formula-fed infants can likewise be less complicated to feed the right quantity as you can better determine just how much they’re consuming.

Usually talking, formula-fed infants often tend to take less feedings than nursed infants and also will certainly consume a lot more in a solitary feed, yet this may be various for your very own child!


American Academy of Pediatric Medicines advises that your child has around 2 1/2 oz of formula per day for every extra pound of body weight – an infant that considers 10 extra pounds will certainly for that reason require 25 ounces in a 24-hour duration. To make it very easy, we have actually created a table with the suggested quantities of formula according to your child’s age:


Time in between feedings

Ounces per Feeding

0-2 weeks

2-3 hrs

1 to 2 ounces

2 weeks – 2 months

3-4 hrs

2-3 ounces

2-4 months

4-5 hrs

4-6 ounces

4-6 months

4-6 hrs

5-8 ounces

Once More, you could locate that your child can not rather consume as much formula as this table claims, or that they weep for even more milk in between feedings. Eventually, you ought to constantly follow your child’s lead when it involves their standard demands – they understand just how much milk they require to consume far better than a graph does! Simply make use of these tables as a harsh overview that you can change later on down the line if you require to. Strong food feedings and also quantities by age

As soon as your child is 6 months old, they’ll have gotten to a few of the developing landmarks that indicate they can begin consuming strong food. These consist of staying up separately, bringing food to their mouth, managing their head and also neck, and also effectively ingesting food by pressing it to their throat.

As you currently understand, you can not feed your child a complete three-course dish instantly – you require to

begin slow-moving

with foods that are very easy for them to consume and also absorb.

For example, you can attempt beginning them off with mashed or mixed single-ingredient foods such as mashed apples or carrots. This is likewise the moment when allergic reactions could emerge, so bear in mind what you’re feeding your child in instance they have any kind of type of response, and also consult your physician if you discover anything incorrect. Below is a table of just how much strong food you ought to offer your child at each age – remember that these quantities ought to be supplemented with bust milk or formula, which the quantity of food you provide will certainly depend upon this proportion. Age
Kind of food Quantity of food Exactly how typically 6-8 months
Vegetables and fruit 1-4 tablespoon 1-2 times each day 6-8 months
Grain 1-4 tablespoon 1-2 times each day 8-9 months
Fruit, veggies, grains 5-10 tablespoon 2-3 times each day 8-9 months
Healthy Proteins 2-6 tablespoon Daily 9-12 months
Fruit, veggies, grains As much as 1/2 mug 2 times each day 9-12 months
Dairy Products As much as 1/2 mug Daily 9-12 months

Healthy Protein

As much as 1/2 mug


Nevertheless, as any kind of moms and dad can inform you, infants hardly ever consume specifically the correct amount whenever they’re informed! Your child’s cravings will likely rise and fall daily, and also it is essential to not require food down them when they aren’t really feeling starving. Rather, you ought to show them to trust their very own sensations and also impulses, to ensure that they recognize their very own cravings much better when they become youth.
If you desire a concept of exactly how to function foods similar to this right into your child’s diet regimen, below’s an instance of what your child could consume in a day: Dish Food
Morning Meal
Oat meal with pureed fruit Lunch
Lentil soup with steamed carrots Supper

Mashed potato with tuna mayo

Treats A number of tbsps of yogurt, smoothie mix, or applesauce

Obviously, the food selection depends on you, and also you might also locate that your child can consume

a little modified variations of meals

Since you desire your child to stay mainly asleep throughout the feeding, you’ll intend to interrupt them as low as feasible – for that reason, eliminating them from the swaddle most likely isn’t the most effective relocation, as it’s nearly specific to wake them up! On the various other hand, if they aren’t awake sufficient to lock, you might intend to unswaddle them as a method of waking them up a little bit a lot more – it’s everything about discovering the appropriate equilibrium of conscious yet sluggish.

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