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Just how to Make a Popsicle Stick Launch for Children

Just how to Make a Popsicle Stick Launch for Children


In this popsicle stick catapult task, pupils will certainly find out just how to make as well as construct a catapult. They will certainly additionally learn more about the design procedure generally.

This stem task is developed to be utilized in K-12 class as a method to present STEM ideas as well as analytic abilities. The task can be done independently or in teams of 2-3 pupils.


This task is a fantastic means to check out design as well as physics ideas. As you dive right into it a lot more, you can see concerning utilizing various things for this scientific research experiment. This is what makes it a lot enjoyable.

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homemade catapult

What is a popsicle stick catapult?

A popsicle stick catapult is a plaything that you can construct of popsicle sticks as well as elastic band. They do not take lengthy to make as well as it is an enjoyable intro to the essentials of the style procedure as well as mechanical design, that makes this an exceptional STEM task for children.

The design procedure is damaged down right into 5 actions: preparation, making, structure, screening, as well as assessing, which can all be used when making a catapult popsicle stick.

putting together the catapult

Mechanical Design for Children

Mechanical design is the branch of design that handles the style, building, as well as procedure of equipment. Mechanical designers make use of mathematics, scientific research, as well as modern technology to style items that relocate or power themselves.

They operate in a selection of markets consisting of auto, aerospace, biomedical, robotics, as well as much more.

A mechanical designer usually takes a task from perception to conclusion by assisting produce a plan or style for the maker. The designer will certainly after that transform this style right into a functioning maker by making illustrations or developing designs.

Children can become their very own mechanical designers when they produce this basic do it yourself popsicle stick catapult job. With a popsicle stick as well as an elastic band, the children will certainly construct a launcher that can fire little things numerous feet throughout an area.

The even more stress in the catapult, the further the things will fly.

Just how to make a catapult with popsicle sticks

A popsicle stick catapult is a sort of catapult that can be constructed of popsicle sticks, warm adhesive, container caps, as well as elastic band.

The catapult is made by gluing 3 popsicle sticks and afterwards utilizing elastic band to attach the popsicle sticks. A container cap can be glued to the craft stick catapult to hold little things in position.

supplies needed to make a diy catapult

What products do you require to make a popsicle stick catapult?

You will require the complying with things to make this catapult style:

  • Craft sticks
  • Warm adhesive weapon as well as adhesive sticks
  • 2 elastic band
  • Plastic container caps
  • Pom poms, marshmallows, or various other little challenge fling

Materials Needed

Just how does the popsicle stick catapult job?

The popsicle stick catapult is a plaything that has actually been around for years. It was designed by 2 siblings, Arthur as well as Charles Paine, in 1920 as a device for showing their youngsters concerning physics.

The popsicle stick catapult jobs as a result of the flexible prospective power saved in the curved sticks. When the elastic band is launched, it breaks back as well as draws the sticks far from each various other.

This activity creates the catapult to release its projectile right into the air at high speed!

Just how much can a popsicle stick catapult fire a tiny item?

putting a pom pom in the catapult

To release an item with your catapult, you hold one end of the brief item in your hand as well as take down on the lengthy item with your various other hand to flex it a little.

When you release, gravity will certainly create it to break back right into location. Depending upon just how much stress is in between your craft sticks as well as just how light the item is, that will certainly establish just how much it flies.

Make use of these variables to see which catapult style is the most effective for firing a tiny item throughout an area.

Popsicle Stick Launch Structure Directions

Right Here is just how to construct your really own catapult made with craft sticks.

Glue 3 popsicle sticks.

gluing the lid onto the popsicle stick

Take 2 popsicle sticks as well as wedge them in between the pile of 3 sticks.

Cover 2 ends of the popsicle sticks over the popsicle pile along with an elastic band.

Make use of a 2nd elastic band to protect the facility of the open popsicle stays with the facility of the piled popsicle sticks.

gluing the popsicle sticks together

Include adhesive where needed to maintain points steady.

Glue a container cap to the top of among the open sticks.

putting together the catapult

When the adhesive dries out, position an item on the container cap as well as draw back on the stick.

Release, as well as the catapult will certainly break back, flinging the item throughout the area!

Yet take care, if you flex the stick excessive, it could damage!

Once they find out just how to make homemade propels, they’re mosting likely to intend to do a STEM obstacle in an enjoyable means to see that can make something fly the outermost! That states that scientific research as well as STEM aren’t loaded with enjoyable tasks?

This is excellent for children of any ages, simply make certain to have adult guidance for more youthful children. Older children can be a huge aid with the popsicle stick catapult style.

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