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Letter Board Alphabet Task – Busy Young Child

Letter Board Alphabet Task – Busy Young Child

Producing a letter board alphabet task for young children as well as kindergarteners fasts as well as simple. This proficiency task concentrates on arranging letters by their form as well as compose. Offer your youngster time to stay up close as well as think about letters in this simple alphabet task.

A child laying on her stomach holds up a small white letter before placing it on a letter board. A blue piece of tape separates the board into two sides.

I enjoy that letter boards today are the blackboards of the other day.

So lots of residences have them (particularly many thanks to those FabFitFun boxes that were so prominent) as well as oh my benefits, aren’t they so a lot enjoyable?! Which is why utilizing them for a letter board alphabet task for young children appears 100%. Complete credit scores for the suggestion to make use of a letter board in a children task to my bosom friend Katie at Kindergarten Inspirations

Given that my letter board included regarding a million little letters it appeared like the excellent sorting task

for my young child. That does not enjoy a possibility for a young child to service letter acknowledgment as well as arranging abilities simultaneously– oh as well as with a side meal pre-writing abilities


I’m not joking when I claim this task is great: RELATED: Required even more tasks for young children ?!

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Just how can you assist young children discover letters?

Reveal them to letters.

Submerse them in letters.

Make letters a typical component of life as well as consider the alphabet similarly you thought about pet names as well as noises.

You really did not flashcard children to discover what a cow resembles as well as just how it claims “moo.” Rather, when you saw a cow, you stated “moo”.

  • Take the exact same strategy with letters:
  • Present them in context
  • Do not over-stress them

Maintain it light as well as enjoyable Throughout this letter board alphabet task, your youngster can have fun with letters of the alphabet

as they raise knowledge. RELATED: Concerned regarding your kiddo as well as the ABCs?

Overhead shot of a letter board with blue tape down the middle. A child's hand is placing letters onto the board into sorted groups.
A child places a letter onto a letter board. The letter board has blue tape down the middle dividing it into two sections.

Just how to set-up a letter board alphabet task

All I did to establish this task was to take an item of painter’s tape as well as utilize it to make a facility line down my letter board.

I laid out my letters on the flooring as well as offered my child (4) the instructions for our task.

Arrange the letters by straights as well as contours.

Quickly she yelled “K is all straights !!!” and afterwards a minute later on “G is NOT!”

She recognized right now specifically just how to arrange these letters– however also after that, she had not been constantly excellent as well as it took her time to do this task.

A child places a letter onto a letter board. The letter board has blue tape down the middle dividing it into two sections.

A great deal of time as well as a great deal of emphasis.

The finding out objectives

Keep In Mind: we do not require to validate a task with “finding out” to make it a legitimate as well as beneficial experience for the youngster.

However in this situation- it’s rather apparent what a youngster is “obtaining” from the letter board alphabet task. Direct exposure to letters

A child examines a plastic white letter to decide where to place it on a letter board. The letter board is split into two halves using blue tape.

In this task, youngsters take a closer consider letters. They take a much deeper consider the development of the letter– as well as see the letter past simply “this is M or this is O.”

Idea– Recognizing letter names isn’t a need for the task The youngster does not

require to recognize the names of all the letters in the alphabet to do this task.


Since this isn’t a letter calling task: this task has to do with the form of an icon. At no factor is the youngster asked to call the icon. Rather, we are asking to look seriously at the icon as well as establish if there are straight lines or curved lines.

If the youngster does not recognize all the letter names yet, this provides amazing direct exposure to every private letter– which is rather great. RELATED: Believing your young child may be prepared to discover to check out? Learn more regarding

analysis education and learning with young children.

Often Asked Inquiries

When should children discover the alphabet? Youngsters in the USA discover the alphabet on a wide range in between ages 2 as well as 6 years of ages (end of Preschool). This is a huge age variety as well as your youngster will certainly drop normally someplace in this spacing.

Various other nations do not start educating letter names up until age 7+.

What age is this task for?

Assume phases not ages. As opposed to taking into consideration an age, allow’s consider the youngster: does your youngster have a rate of interest in letters? Do they recognize just how to arrange? Do they recognize the distinction in between a straight line as well as a curved line?

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