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Mason Container Cover Wreath – with Bows and also Buttons

Mason Container Cover Wreath – with Bows and also Buttons

Cover bow around a mason container cover, and also enhance it with switches for a quite self-made wreath accessory to hold on your Xmas tree. This very easy Xmas craft is wonderful for youngsters and also grownups alike, and also just takes around thirty minutes to make.

We have actually made a couple of various switch wreaths in the past and also we have actually made numerous mason container cover crafts, yet we have actually never ever made a switch wreath ON a mason container cover up until today.

My childcare youngsters truly delighted in making these little wreaths. The ribbon-wrapping procedure tested their fine-motor capacities and also they constantly like arranging with our large container of classic switches at craft time.

It’s type of incredible to believe that you can change a common steel cover right into something so quite, isn’t it?

3 lid wreaths on cream background

Allow me reveal you just how we made them.

top-down shot of supplies


  • mason container cover (simply the external ring)
  • bow (or thread, twine etc.)
  • adhesive weapon
  • switches string or riibbon for hanging

Mason Container Cover Bow and also Switch Wreath Accessory

  1. Cover Cover with Bow

    Cut a lengthy size of bow or twine. The size you reduced will certainly rely on the dimension of your cover and also the size of your bow, yet you’ll require a minimum of a number of feet of bow.

    Glue the beginning end of your bow inside the cover of the cover and also begin covering, overlapping the sides of the bow as you go so the steel does not reveal.

    When your cover is totally covered, adhesive completion item within the cover with your warm adhesive weapon.

  2. Glue on Buttons

    With your warm adhesive weapon, adhesive the switches to the front of the cover. You can adhesive them sideways also if you like, equally as we did right here with our environment-friendly ribbon/red switch wreath. closeup kid gluing red buttons on green ribbon mason lid

  3. Hang it!

    Glue an item of metal string or bow inside the top of the mason container cover. close up green ribbon wrapped around mason lid ring

So easy yet so pleasant! The excellent little final craft for Xmas.

2 Mason lid wreaths ornaments on Christmas tree

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