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My Brothers Would Kill You by Will Kemp

My Brothers Would Kill You by Will Kemp

Phil is having fun with a lads’ vacation on a Greek island when he is brutally attacked for no purpose; by Will Kemp.

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He’d by no means recognized such ache. His chest, proper ear and foot throbbed; even respiratory damage. And that pounding behind his proper eye – as if he had been not a younger man with a broken eyeball however a broken eyeball hooked up to a younger man. All he might do was inhale the scent of disinfectant and lie nonetheless – bandages binding him from head to foot, arms strapped throughout his chest like a lifeless pharaoh.

Daylight slanted via a window to his left, giving the ward the heat of a greenhouse. It have to be late morning. He might bear in mind the night time earlier than in waves – the iodine in A&E, being carried into the ward as two outdated males coughed and groaned, unattended. There was no signal of them now, their beds already stripped and made, flowers and pictures lengthy since cleared away.

A clack of heels echoed down the hall then stopped, leaving a small lady in glasses and a white coat by the aspect of his mattress. She inspected a tube from his chest to some liquid beneath which babbled often when he exhaled.

“You’ll be able to see?” She inquired, her accent changing the s right into a heavy sh, as she wagged her stethoscope prongs in the direction of a big damp patch formed like South America on the flaking, white-washed wall reverse.

He tried to focus his working eye on the continental water stain, then appeared to the window the place a distant cloud had cauliflowered towards the blue.

“It’s,” she started, then left the phrases hanging in mid-air. “I not know phrases… Everybody says that and this, however no one does nothing… How we are saying in Greece, kaos. Like final night time for you, I believe?”


He recalled the baseball bats raining down, the bounce over the wall into the darkness beneath. However not how he’d received to the hospital or any process to insert a tube into his chest.

“Pardon,” she smiled, sitting on the sting of the mattress. “I’m Dr Mariapolous. How you’re feeling?”

“Horrible,” he struggled. “I am in agony, throughout. There’s this unbelievable stress in -”

“Sorry,” she interrupted, elevating the palm of her hand. “Gradual please. My English is slightly.”

The hand became a gesture of a niche between finger and thumb, then plopped two tablets into the glass of water on his bedside unit. He spelt out the phrases because the combination frothed right into a chalky gray then began to clear.

“Right here,” she beckoned, extending the glass to his mouth. “For ache.”

He craned ahead and drank. A number of the answer dribbled onto his chest, seeping into the bandages.

“Me eye,” he moaned. “Will I see once more?”

She took a pencil torch from her prime pocket and clicked it on. Phil might really feel the warmth from the sunshine roving over his jammed eye, however noticed nothing.

“I believe so,” she thought of earlier than breaking the neck of an invisible hen. “However bone is damaged.”

She donned her stethoscope, positioned the teat on his chest and ordered him to inhale. She tapped his chest with two joined fingers, listening with the depth of a safe-breaker. She nodded once more then summarised the extent of his accidents whereas pointing to components of her physique, wringing extra birds’ necks and holding up totally different numbers of fingers as if enjoying charades. Seven damaged ribs. 4 damaged fingers. Two damaged tooth. Damaged eye socket. Damaged ankle. Ruptured ear drum. Stab wound. Punctured lung. Lack of blood. Lots of blood.

It was meant to be a lads’ vacation on Simnos. Solar, intercourse and sangria. A means of flicking two fingers up at Kirsty after the break up. However late on the primary night time the three amigos had been slogging again alone to the resort when ten or extra mopeds carrying passengers flew previous – so shut the lads needed to again up towards the free dry-stone wall above the ocean. Phil was struck by one thing heavy throughout the shoulders, knocking him to the bottom.

He received up, helped by Snowy. A gaggle of males stood round them, some with baseball bats, acrid smoke billowing from the revving engines. Phil tried to determine what was occurring – they’d carried out nothing mistaken. A person with a ram’s nostril yabbered at John, then headbutted him. John lashed out with a fist. The others began punching and kicking Phil and Snowy.

“Leg it!” John yelled, breaking free to dash downhill.

Snowy jumped over the retaining wall to flee uphill into the woods. Phil turned to run up the highway – to be confronted with about fifteen males, encircling him, two or three deep. He held out his arms and felt a sizzling ache beneath his left ribs, like a deep wasp sting. He sank to the bottom, clutching his aspect together with his proper hand, then curled up on the highway, just for bats to begin pummelling him with the mechanical regularity of a sequence gang. Every blow was highly effective, and meant. He’d been in fights earlier than, again in Leeds, and will take care of himself, however this was an excessive amount of. He wasn’t going to outlive.

He scrambled to shoulder-charge the closest attacker then dived over the seaward wall into the pitch-black beneath. A heart-stopping silence.

He crashed right into a department then via some extra earlier than touchdown on his right-hand aspect, winded and dazed, the style of blood in his mouth. He tried to take inventory, shocked to not be in better ache, then started folding a part of his ripped shirt to press it towards the stab wound.

Above, voices. Mopeds buzzed downhill. A lightbeam searched between the firs to his left, choosing out rocks – he might really feel its heat beside him. He needed to transfer, however his proper foot was immobilised, as if caught in a entice. He dragged himself ahead, crawling via tall, moist grass with a powerful natural scent.

Under, mopeds started careering throughout the seashore as if a gaggle of giddy youngsters had been carving figures of eight within the sand for enjoyable. However this was no recreation – their headlights had been criss-crossing the hillside, trying to find him. One warmed his again. He fell to his stomach directly. Different spotlights then congregated on the realm the place he lay, briefly touching the mouth of a concrete tunnel forward. Finally they moved away.

He hauled himself in the direction of the tunnel and groped his means inside. It had a bitter, salty scent, like a damaged drain. It needed to be a stormwater outlet above the seashore. Nevertheless it supplied cowl. Security. Respite.

By early afternoon the ward was sizzling and airless, regardless of the open home windows. The painkillers had carried out little to cease his eye and foot transmitting incessant alerts. He lay squelching in sweat, thirsty however unable to achieve the water on the bedside unit, bandages soaked from lunch – a greasy soup he’d needed to stability on his sternum then flick in the direction of his mouth with a teaspoon. He was depending on the nurses’ rare rounds for meals, water and bed-pan. None of them spoke English or appeared to care.

Perhaps it was retribution for the furore the night time earlier than, when he’d discovered himself mendacity on a desk, a vibrant bulb swaying overhead, as an aged lady in a white uniform handed John a roll of bathroom paper with an order to mop up the blood.

“Jasus,” John had remonstrated, “he would not want cleanin, he must cease feckin bleedin! For Chrys’ sake, will you simply go an fetch the physician!”

She’d shouted again in Greek, arms waving. An unshaven physician strolled in, chewing gum and smoking a cigarette which by no means left his mouth. He wore an opened white coat, denims and a crumpled gray T-shirt with sweat stains. He talked briefly to her, cigarette wagging, then took some surgical scissors and a darkish brown bottle from a glass cupboard. And not using a phrase he reduce into Phil’s T-shirt to disclose a chest that appeared as if it had been rubbed down with sandpaper, then unscrewed the lid of the bottle and emptied it over him at arm’s size. The electrical shock of ache made Phil scream. Unmoved, the physician glared at John as if to say this was all his fault.

Exterior, the solar appeared to be intensifying. A perfume like freshly reduce flowers wafted in. At the very least his sense of scent was nonetheless intact. However how lengthy wouldn’t it take to get better? How lengthy would he be caught right here?

To suppose, solely twenty-four hours in the past he’d been tucking into the in-flight drinks trolley. Watching Snowy get nowhere with the stewardess. Snickering at John’s jokes. Main the crew discuss sharking ways and the factors system for the week forward. Declaring at customs he was obtainable to the ladies of Simnos. And had later chatted up these ladies on the taverna – each in a mini-skirt, heels and make-up, trying beautiful. They had been cousins from Piraeus on a hen weekend, largely married – up for flirting and tequila slammers, but additionally searching for one another like a household of meerkats. There was no probability of going lacking in motion with any of them, so the lads had determined to go clubbing.

“How would your loved ones react if you happen to introduced me dwelling?” he’d requested the unattached one earlier than they left.

“My mom would love you,” she’d glowered with out hesitation. “However my father would hate you. And my brothers would kill you.”

Within the hall, a nurse was speaking to somebody. John or Snowy maybe, come to go to him eventually? No. Two swarthy males in pressed white shirts entered, one brief with a thick moustache, the opposite enormous and sporting a swimsuit jacket round his shoulders like a Seventies filmstar. They pulled up chairs to take a seat aspect by aspect on his proper. Phil appeared down, disconcerted by the slop stains, the reek of his storm drain-infused BO.

“You appear to have been,” the smaller one smiled, “within the wars?”

“You’ll be able to say that once more,” Phil huffed, relieved at the usual of English, the prospect to seek out out what was happening.

He tried to take a seat upright, however ache screamed via his chest.

“Please,” the person interjected, elevating a hand as if signalling site visitors to cease. “No want.”

A delayed wave of ache boomed down Phil’s right-hand aspect.

“We’re police,” the stranger carried on. “The hospital has requested us to contemplate the reason for your accidents. Inform us what occurred.”

About time. Phil began working via the incident, desperate to relay the sequence of occasions. They nodded at intervals.

“And the place is your passport?” the person reduce in after the second wave of mopeds. “We should see it.”

Phil appeared puzzled. What did that need to do with something?

The person repeated the query slowly as if he hadn’t understood.

“I am undecided,” Phil ruminated briefly, eager to return to his account.

The inquisitor’s mouth narrowed, the nice disposition drained from his face.

“And the place are your pals?” He burned, as if insulted.

“I dunno.”

He stood up, then pointed from hip-height.

“I stated,” he strained, tooth bared, “the place are your pals?”

Warmth shot to Phil’s face. His respiratory shortened. He recalled from biology in school {that a} rat is innocent when going about its enterprise however turns into hunched and aggressive when cornered.

The person turned to tempo the ward, arms on hips, shaking his head.

“I am sorry for my colleague,” the larger one interposed with a nice smile, slipping a hand into his jacket. “He simply desires to make certain your pals are OK.”

He produced a badge and held it in the direction of Phil.

“My ID,” he indicated then put it again and slipped off his jacket.

However Phil hadn’t requested for his ID. Nor had they been taking notes. And he hadn’t even received to the beating but.

“We have to care for your passport,” the large man proceded in a brisk tone, arranging the jacket on the again of his chair. “The place is it?”

Phil checked himself, unsettled. It was again on the residence, on the backside of his unpacked suitcase.

“I am undecided,” he lied as finest he might.

The person’s face dropped. He stood up, bent over Phil and grabbed the greasy bandages beneath his neck, twisting them tight, pulling him to his face. Phil whimpered as ache turned to agony.

“Get off!” he blurted, making an attempt to wriggle out of his straightjacket, “get off me!”

The person threw Phil again into the pillows – then leant ahead to land a bone-crunching punch in his face. Phil cried out, blood splashing from the bridge of his nostril into his eyes. The primary man superior to carry him down from the opposite aspect, shouting for his passport. The massive one struck once more.

“Get out!” a girl’s voice shrieked, piercing the fray. “Get out of my hospital!”

Phil squinted via blood-stinging eyes. It was the physician. The primary man let go.

“How dare you come right here,” she raged, then stepped in the direction of the large one and reached as much as slap him throughout the face.

Phil appeared on in disbelief. What was she doing, hitting a policeman? Not to mention this Goliath?

“Go!” she shouted, stamping her foot, pointing the way in which exterior.

She turned on the primary man and began boxing him concerning the ears. He ducked, elevating each arms to parry her blows. The lads backed in the direction of the door as she stood her floor on the finish of the mattress like a mountain goat. The primary man slid out, however the large one turned to level at Phil.

“We will likely be ready for you,” he warned, then left.

The physician turned to take a seat on the mattress, respiratory loudly via her nostril. She plinked two tablets in a glass of water, then took some cotton wool from the bedside unit and began to wipe blood from his face.

“They had been police,” he exclaimed, stupified.

She raised her head and dabbed away, leaning ahead in deep focus to examine his nostril because the glass of water fizzed.

“Shhh,” she calmed, virtually as an afterthought. “You will have damaged nostril.”

Her contact was so mild and exact – laborious to equate with the she-wolf that had simply seen off the aggressors.

“These will not be police,” she spat in a hushed tone, elevating the cleared answer to his lips. “You should belief nobody on this nation. And never go away my hospital till I say.”

Phil sank again into his pillows, capable of see his scoured and bruised physique now the bandages had loosened. He’d assumed the assault the night time earlier than had been a case of thugs being thugs, however clearly it was a part of one thing larger, extra sinister. He was being focused.

Perhaps it was linked to the fracas with some native lads within the first membership after a bout of pace consuming had fuelled John’s braveness to bounce with a bored-looking lady who turned out to be the barman’s fiancée. Or to his passport – to promote on the black market. However why his? Why not simply break into an residence and steal one?

He did not have a clue. All he knew was that he needed to get out. However could not transfer. Had nowhere to go. Had nobody to belief besides the physician. However even she knew greater than she was letting on. Worse nonetheless, the lads had tracked him down, and had been most likely nonetheless there, someplace, ready.

He shut his left eye, making an attempt to think about a worse time in his life. There wasn’t one. He’d thought earlier he would possibly die proper right here from his accidents, however now there was a press gang ready to complete him off. If his wounds did not get him, the cut-throats would. This was the place he was going to die.

However he wasn’t prepared for dying. He wanted to see Mum and Dad, to say goodbye, to inform them he beloved them. Proper now they’d be doing the procuring or getting lunch prepared, joking about how he’d be making an attempt to swim off a hangover – with Becky in her room, a girl-band on full blast, singing into the microphone of a brush whereas becoming a member of the group’s dance routine.

And one other factor… The place had been the lads? Why hadn’t they visited – as he’d have carried out if the boot had been on the opposite foot? He pictured them sunbathing and chatting up ladies on the seashore. Some mates they had been. Or perhaps they’d had it worse – been rounded up and slaughtered like sheep?

No. The imposters had pressed for his or her whereabouts. So that they needed to be alive. The truth is, this was the one constructive from the encounter. But when they did go to, they’d be taken aside. He needed to warn them to remain away. However how? And what if the nurses had been in league with the duo? Higher perhaps to take care of himself, in case the lads returned. To smother him with a pillow. Smash his cranium in with baseball bats.

He started to mumble the Lord’s Prayer, shocked he might bear in mind the phrases.

Nightfall was deepening when he woke, stiff and sore, ache driving a spike via his brow. A younger lady was sitting on the finish of the mattress, virtually a silhouette although he might make out a swimsuit, lengthy brown hair, fairly nostril. He felt embarrassed at his dishevelled state and rotten stench, the drool hanging from his chin.

“Are you OK?” she soothed in a Dwelling Counties accent, leaning ahead to pat his hand.

One way or the other Phil knew he might belief her.

“Effectively, I have been higher,” he slurred in a sotto voice. “An appeared higher an all.”

She gave a faint smile and stroked his hand.

“My identify is Alison. I am from the British Embassy. I am right here to assist. We all know what’s occurred to you. We now have to get you out of right here.”

Oh, thanks God. He was going to stay.

“Are you able to stroll?” she murmured.

“I do not suppose so.”

“Effectively,” she tried, with a sort face, “let’s have a go and get you to your toes, we could?”

She helped manoeuvre his legs then clasped his torso and eased him to the sting of the mattress. He might see his proper foot for the primary time now – it had gone mauve and ballooned horribly, too swollen to be put in a forged. She picked up the glass jar of the burbling chest drain and lugged him to his toes, letting him use her as a crutch. The muscular tissues and tendons in his legs screeched at having to bear the dead-weight of his physique. The pair inched in the direction of the window like stragglers in a three-legged race, every step more durable than the final, pausing at any time when he yelped or winced.

Finally, he appeared exterior from the fifth ground of the L-shaped constructing, a landscaped space of cypress timber beneath, a sparse constellation of yellow streetlights past. She gestured in the direction of a black BMW by the doorway.

“See that parked automobile down there?” She requested, drawing her head again. “There are two males in it, ready for you. They’re most likely working in shifts with one other pair. One way or the other we have to get you out of right here with out them seeing us.”

He edged his head ahead briefly then drew it again as she’d carried out. She guided him again to mattress. Each step despatched razor blades down his legs. The stress above his proper eye was insufferable.

“I am in agony,” he grimaced, as soon as again in mattress.

She perched on the left aspect of his mattress and helped him to a glass of water. However what he wanted was some painkillers.

“Are you able to inform us what’s goin on?” He swallowed.

She folded her arms and appeared down, mulling it over.

“All in good time,” she answered at size. “Do you suppose you can also make it to the carry?”

He remembered it from the night time earlier than. It was a ways away.

“I can attempt.”

“Good,” she replied, patting his hand once more. “I am going to come and get you at midnight. However you have to be prepared. And do not inform a soul you are leaving.”

He frowned.

“However what about me mates? The place are they?”

“Don’t be concerned,” she reassured, squeezing his hand. “We have your pals. They’re protected.”

She moved out of bed and stood up.

“So who’re these guys?” He questioned, shifting uncomfortably. “Why are they ready for me?”

She confronted the window in thought, sighed then sat down once more.

“You will have heard of the Italian mafia,” she began. “Effectively, the Greeks have one too.”

She defined that two nights in the past a mobster’s daughter had been raped by an English-speaking vacationer exterior a membership. They thought Phil was that rapist. As soon as the police had established the crime had been dedicated earlier than the lads’ arrival, they took John and Snowy into protecting custody then known as the Embassy. The intruders needed Phil’s passport to stop him from leaving the island.

Mafia. Rape. Passport. The phrases exploded in his head. And defined every part. What idiots they’d been to go up towards these lads within the membership, inadvertently marking themselves out as targets. He felt sick. However knew now he needed to stroll, nonetheless unhealthy the ache.

“Out right here, it is an eye fixed for an eye fixed,” she shrugged, then rested her hand on his. “Blood will need to have blood. Details do not enter the equation. It is a query of honour, you see. A vendetta.”

He remained staring on the ceiling after she’d gone, nonetheless taking it in. Mistaken id. An indiscriminate assault the night time earlier than, like wasps stinging the closest passer-by, no matter whether or not they’d disturbed the nest or not. And now a premeditated assault. If anybody touched Becky he’d most likely really feel a lot the identical, however would no less than wish to know he was taking over the best man. Now he was being hunted down by a dying squad for one thing he hadn’t carried out. Worse nonetheless, they knew the place he was, trussed up, unable to maneuver.

His respiratory quickened. His sweat crammed the stifling air. It was a very good job he hadn’t taken any painkillers since waking. He wanted to pay attention to each click on or clack down the hall – each fly buzzing out and in the window – simply to maintain himself awake – alive – in case they returned to complete him off.

Thank God for Alison. He wanted her a lot. However what if she did not come again?

Time dragged. When the lights got here on eventually, the physician stood by the door, her hair in a bun. She wheeled in a metallic trolley rattling with bottles and devices, stating that his chest drain needed to be eliminated. She set to work in silence, her face a examine in focus and concern that made him remorse his earlier doubts. He needed to clarify the state of affairs, thank her, say goodbye. However could not threat it.

Very quickly she was gone, leaving a book-sized bandage over his chest. Silence. He puzzled if the hospital was open all hours, like again dwelling. Did it have guards? And if that’s the case, what probability would they stand towards the opposition. The 2 males had been most likely simply ready for the day workers to go away earlier than getting into, unnoticed and unchallenged, to slit his throat like a pig.

He needed to be prepared to assist Alison assist him, stroll on sizzling coals if needed. Thoughts over matter. He lifted himself to his toes, the searing ache ten occasions worse when upright, and tried some soccer warm-ups in slow-motion. Unimaginable. He reached out for the following mattress and clung onto it, transferring one excruciating step at a time in the direction of the window, then peered beneath, maintaining inside the shadow of the curtain.

The stake-out automobile was nonetheless there.

“Are you prepared?” Alison whispered, her hand on his.

He opened his left eye. She was carrying glasses, her hair in a bun too.

“Yep, I am prepared.”

He used her to heave himself to his toes, then hobbled to the door and down the dimly-lit hall. The hospital was silent, nonetheless. It appeared like they had been the one ones there.

She steered him via a door marked with two pink indicators – one an X throughout a stick-man, the opposite a porter’s trolley – into an space stacked with giant laundry baskets. She pressed a button by a metal carry door. There was a clunk, a gear-changing scrunch, then a gradual hum, low-level and deafening on the identical time.

He bit his backside lip, on full alert. He was respiratory laborious, coronary heart skipping in irregular beats. All night he’d needed nothing greater than to flee, however now he’d left the ward he missed the scant safety it provided. He was adrift on an open sea of threat. They’d absolutely be seen. Then what?

The door slid open. She yanked the inside black concertina door closed and pressed a button on the management panel. The outer doorways of the carry clunked shut, leaving solely a sq. of sunshine from their small head-height window, casting one aspect of her face in shadow.

The service carry moved off, mild receding till they had been submerged in darkness. Gentle from the ground beneath burst into the enclosed area then disappeared once more as they descended additional.

Phil’s mouth had gone dry. He searched Alison’s face for some reassurance. She was trying down, eyes laborious to learn behind the glasses – half her face the darkish aspect of the moon, then totally gone. A world away from the cheerful guardian from earlier.

However after all. She was in league with them. Gentle flooded in. He tensed. She’d advised him to maintain quiet to keep away from detection. What a idiot he’d been. The touching stated all of it – no diplomat would try this. Belief nobody on this nation. Darkness rose as he noticed the welcoming celebration forward. The 2 males. The moped gang. Able to tape over his mouth, bundle him into the boot of the BMW. Then drive to an remoted wooden, put a bullet in his mind and bury him in a shallow grave.

Gentle streamed in. He lunged ahead to bang his palm towards the black mesh of the concertina door.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed, blocking him as the sunshine withdrew.

“I wanna return!” he cried out within the sudden darkish, tears welling from nowhere.

She grabbed his arm to stop him from reaching the management panel.

“Get off me!” he shouted, grappling together with her, shards of ache stabbing his chest.

The carry crammed with mild once more, then bumped to a halt. She let go. He appeared in horror on the door. It began to slip open. A well-lit service space with a darkish basement automobile park past. Concrete pillars. Markings on the tarmac. A small blue Fiat.

He stayed put, panting, eyes flitting from pillar to pillar. She shook her head, brushed a hand over her jacket arms, then tugged the inside door open. A white-coated determine stepped into view. It was the physician. She studied his wild look then moved ahead to take his arm.

“It is OK,” she hushed, guiding him out. “All OK.”

He checked out her in disbelief. What on earth was she doing right here?

“This fashion,” she added softly, ushering him in the direction of the automobile.

She took off her white coat and gave it to Alison, who scrambled it on. He shut his eyes and hung his head, shaking it slowly, preventing again a contemporary surge of tears. He had been so mistaken. He raised his left hand to protect his face because it started to contort, and sank again towards a pillar, unable to cease crying.

The physician took his left arm and Alison the best. Collectively they hauled him in the direction of the automobile.

“Go,” the physician ordered. “You should go.”

Yellow mild flipped throughout the dashboard as he lay hunched on the again seat in nice discomfort.

“Hold your head down,” Alison directed. “We’ll need to move them.”

An indicator ticked as they started a proper flip, bumping over one thing. He recoiled in acute ache.

“They’re simply forward,” she clipped, the phrases barely audible. “I can not discuss now.”

He might image the 2 males within the BMW. Watching. Smoking. Ready.

“It is OK,” she confirmed eventually. “We have handed them. I am taking you to your pals. They have your issues. Then onto a non-public airfield, the place a airplane will take you all to Athens. From there you possibly can fly to England.”

It was over. Lastly over. They’d made it. He levered himself onto an elbow to look again on the well-lit hospital towering over the parked automobiles, then seen a rear mild switching on like an infrared night-sight – with somebody about to tug the set off.



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