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Not-so-secret Secret Stories of Saint Seiya– International Plaything Information

Marlene Sharp is the happy owner of Pink Poodle Productions Formerly, Marlene acted as Supervisor, Manufacturing at LEVEL-5 abby, house of YO-KAI see and also various other hit video clip game-based franchise business. Previously, as Manufacturer, Television Collection, at Sega of America, Marlene dealt with a lot more than the Teenager Selection Award-nominated anime SONIC BOOM. Her Hedgehog tasks took her to the elevations of nerd-dom as a main San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panelist. As a self-employed reporter, Marlene focuses on preferred home entertainment for buzz-worthy on-line follower locations, such as DOGTV, ToonBarn.com, and also Geekified.net As a brief movie auteur, she has actually gotten rewards at the Dog Movie Celebration, the San Luis Obispo Movie Celebration, and also much more. As a film writer, her specialist stamp is installed in great deals of merchandise-driven animes– such as treat GLOBE– and also in her initial, acclaimed productions, such as BORN IN LA, MASCOT CHAOS, and also THE LADY THAT ENJOYED NOSES. She is the champion of 2019 LA Shorts International Movie Feast Manuscript Competitors (an Oscar and also BAFTA-qualifying fest), at which her backdoor comedy pilot got an organized analysis by The Groundlings. And also as a person, primarily, she likes pet dogs. For evidence of the previously mentioned, please see her site www.pinkpoodleproductions.com

I am completely prepared. I am 100% all set for this.– Seiya, SAINT SEIYA

Mr. DeMille, I await my close-up.– Norma Desmond, SUNDOWN BLVD

Me, as well! (In regards to close-ups, I imply …) — Marlene Sharp

Prior to one connects a current roaring surge to vacation fireworks, one must recognize that the Net damaged 4 days earlier. It was loud. On Thursday, December 1, YouTuber Ray Mona dropped her 90-minute non-fiction magnum piece qualified THE SECRET TALES OF SAINT SEIYA (COMPONENT I): STORIES OF THE LOST (SSSS). At 73,000 sights (and also like snow), this movie does not reveal indications of quiting. It’s an additional win for ’90s fond memories, Japanese web content, playthings, and also various other ancillaries, plus smart narration from reliable tiers of fandom.

Complete disclosure: The writer is likewise a factor to the previously mentioned plaything and also ‘toon driven docudrama. Quick however intricate backstory: 4 years earlier, and also in easy hostile objection to my anonymous meeting for a 2018 on-line anime reveal, I launched an inactive trial reel from my period as a youngster( ish) natural born player worker at Renaissance-Atlantic Movies

My previous for-hire function had actually needed that I curate clips from famous vintage, Japanese merch- hefty youngsters’ price, such as POWER RANGERS and also BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS. SAINT SEIYA, an at some time restarted, called, and also subbed manga-inspired media and also customer items realm, was likewise component of the Renaissance-Atlantic struck ceremony. Onto the trial reel it went. To my expertise, stated trial reel never ever saw daytime till 2018.

On the previously mentioned reduced res collection tape, SAINT SEIYA was included in live-action, re-titled kind as STARSTORM. Upon the trial reel YouTube launching on my individual network, anxious followers tore stated clip. Ever since, pirated duplicates are plentiful under the banner of ‘the lost American SAINT SEIYA adjustment.’ In the last 4 years, fanatics have actually whipped themselves right into a craze to discover the long-form resource of that 20-second cut. Regretfully, I do not have the resource product. That really did not quit me from claiming my item, and also after that some, in Ray Mona’s fact-based SAINT SEIYA beginning motion picture.

Cut to summer season 2022: Canadian filmmaker and also specific niche society sage Ray Mona arbitrarily messaged me on Instagram. Via the geek society grapevine, she had actually become aware of my previous use with Frank Ward (creator and also principal of a lot left, Beverly Hills-based, Bandai-adjacent Renaissance-Atlantic Movies). She asked me to take part in her movie regarding the evasive fifteen-minute SAINT SEIYA live activity pilot. I required. The outcome is my brainless speaking head pontification of what it suggests to be queen nerd … in regards to operating primarily international children’ activity residential or commercial properties for the display. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, YO-KAI ENJOY, and also various other precious worlds get enough reference. (You rate!)

Snark apart, Ray Mona’s motion picture success is substantial. In 4 days, this feature-length, excellent quality, amusing Netflix-worthy job has actually produced virtually 600 YouTube remarks. It has actually drawn in thousands much more clients to Ray’s network ( Ray Mona) and also has actually generated several watch-along real-time streams. SSSS seeing celebrations are something of their very own sensation; lots of stem southern of the (United States) boundary and also have lots of followers (per YouTube analytics). The damaging SSSS tale likewise has actually gotten press insurance coverage through Anime Information Network and also Catsuka

Ray Mona most likely is not completed with her excavation of hidden prize. Consider this fresh string [edited for brevity] from her Twitter feed:

RM: There’s a lot Renaissance-Atlantic shed media that it’s really quite mind-blowing. It’s not that unusual though when you think of the collaboration they had with Bandai and also Toei, however in an alt cosmos, Renaissance [-Atlantic] would certainly have been the number 1 anime importer in the United States.

Follower: There needs to be a great deal of shed media regarding Tokusatsu (POWER RANGERS, MASKED MOTORCYCLIST) in The United States And Canada and also much more. Perhaps in a future, you can take a look at it?

RM: Without a doubt, I would certainly be interested!


Godspeed, Ray Mona, and also please take me along for the following flight!



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