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Stick Weaving – Weaving on a Y-Shaped Stick

Stick Weaving – Weaving on a Y-Shaped Stick

For this very easy stick weaving task, all you require is a tough Y-shaped stick, vibrant thread as well as a stitching needle.

If you have actually been appreciating every one of our weaving tasks, I have one more enjoyable one for your youngsters to attempt. Stick Weaving!

With stick weaving, your impend is a Y-shaped stick, which you can locate in your yard or when you’re out for a nature stroll. Do not you like including all-natural products in your crafts as well as tasks?

The weaving procedure coincides as it is with any kind of weaving job. You simply enter as well as out of the warp strings, functioning your means backwards and forwards the “Y” to produce your style.

The older ladies (ages 8-12) in my childcare love an excellent thread craft, so this maintained them captivated for a long time, as well as they created some truly awesome art pieces.

Trying to find one more uncommon weaving job? Attempt our woven layer wall mount “Hearts of Hope” as well as our woven CD desire catchers.


Stringing a stick impend is a little more difficult than stringing a cardboard impend since there aren’t any kind of notches to safeguard your thread in. (See Guidelines Listed Below)

I did attempt scratching a stick to a sharp blade, yet truthfully, it was simply additional job. If you cover your thread firmly around the stick, it holds equally as well, with a lot less initiative.

One of the most integral part is obtaining a stick that’s durable sufficient that does not flex when you’re making your impend. If it has way too much “provide” to it, your strings will certainly slide when you’re stringing it as well as when you’re weaving on it.

If you’re truly fortunate, you’ll locate a stick to 3 prongs like the one in the image listed below. You’ll have 3 Y’s to fill up in with your weaving!

girl weaving on 3 pronged stick

Go wild with your colours!

We discovered, the extra colours, the far better. Do not fret if the colours praise each various other. We placed some truly insane colours with each other, as well as every mix ended up terrific.

close up 4 colourful stick weaving projects

Mix various appearances!

Opt for a mix of appearances if you like also. Incorporating unclear, nubby as well as cotton threads will certainly provide you some truly intriguing outcomes.

Above All, have a good time!

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Stick Weaving How-To:


  • Strong, Y-Shaped Stick
  • Thread
  • Plastic Embroidery Needle
  • Scissors

Time required: 1 hr.

Exactly How to Do Stick Weaving

  1. Discover a Stick

    Discover a tough Y-shaped stick that will not flex or damage when you’re stringing it as well as weaving on it.

  2. Connection on your Thread

    Begin with an arm’s size item of thread. Link one end of the thread to a branch, near to all-time low of the Y.

  3. String your Loom

    Take the thread throughout to the contrary branch, as well as cover it around the branch a number of times (at the very least one cycle) prior to returning throughout the impend.
    Note: You can either take your string right throughout the front and afterwards straight throughout the back, (see purple thread in image) or you can cover figure-8 design, from the overlook one side of the Y to the back on the contrary side (see eco-friendly thread in image) Simply make certain you go cycle around the stick each time you go across the impend. When you arrive of the stick, connect off your thread as well as cut the tail. Leave sufficient to weave in when you’re ended up if you desire. Y-shaped sticks strung for weaving

  4. Weaving

    Beginning near to a branch, at either the leading or base of the impend, weave in as well as out of the strings stumbling upon the impend. As you function, push your weaving over with a finger to close any kind of spaces. Note: If your strings remain in a number 8 (back to front) pattern, you’ll weave over as well as under every string. If your strings encounter the front as well as throughout the back, you can weave on the front strings to make one style, as well as when you’re ended up, you can weave a 2nd style on the back strings. close up 3 pronged stick loom

  5. Transforming Hues

    To transform to a brand-new thread colour, just connect a brand-new colour on with a dual knot, as well as cut the tails leaving sufficient to weave right into the rear of your item when you’re ended up.

  6. Finising

    To complete your job, reduce your thread, as well as weave it right into the rear of your style.

3 projects woven on y shaped sticks

Aren’t they quite?

Update: Given that creating this article, we have actually likewise attempted paper plate dish weaving as well as soft drink straw weaving, so make certain to inspect those out also!

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