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CSotD: Twittering While Rome Burns

Horrified amusement remains to develop over at Twitter, and also Pleasure of Technology validates the recurring calamity while sardonically asking yourself if Himself is discovering anything from it.

The conspiracy concept is that Elon Musk made a decision to piss away $44 billion to get a system well worth, possibly, $25 billion, and after that drive it right into the ground in order to sidetrack American citizens from the pending political election.

The truth that this concept makes no feeling can easily be responded to by asking, “After that what does?”

To address that inquiry, it’s handy to bear in mind that the expression, “I have a shrewd strategy” originates from Blackadder’s absurd, gross partner, Baldrick, whose shrewd strategies never ever resulted in anything faintly appearing like success.

It’s completely feasible that Musk had a shrewd strategy, however it’s just as feasible that it made no feeling at the time and also has actually not gotten any type of grip because.

The most effective I can create is that he made an unbelievably absurd brag and after that located himself backed right into an edge where he really felt obliged to follow up, come what may.

Whereupon, to reword Vito Corleone, “I never ever understood till now that it was Valerie Bertinelli the whole time.”

For those that missed it, pleasant little Barbara from Someday At Once tested Musk’s shrewd strategy to market confirmation of identification as opposed to requiring evidence by transforming her display name to “Elon Musk” and also publishing humorous apologies of his arrogant announcements along with pro-Blue political messages His Lordship would certainly never ever have actually stated.

Verifying that the method to obtain under the skin of a man-baby is to have a rather lady poke fun at him:

The actual laugh is that his hysterical response is much funnier than anything she might have developed.

Side Note: I had actually disregarded Bertinelli as “the adorable one” on that particular sit-com till she disclosed internet that the whole household was routinely whipping hubby/dad Eddie Van Halen’s butt at “Guitar Hero.” Which, in retrospection, elevates the inquiry, “If Eddie can take it, why can not you?” which, subsequently returns to the timeless thoughtful inquiry, “If Sherman’s equine can take it, why can not you?”

Well, we understand Elon can not take it, though that still does not disclose why the fool strung his ton of money out on such an undoubtedly dunderheaded business.

Probably, as David Rowe recommends, he’s just a bird in an opulent cage.

Rowe introduces an extra substantive, if say goodbye to complementary, picture, describing what goes to risk for America and also hence the globe in tomorrow’s political elections.

Seeing Musk self-immolate is entertaining, however this set lug a good deal extra weight, and also Rowe’s done a charming work of catching Marjorie Taylor Greene’s unaware, positive smile along with Trump’s egotism and also a sign of the unsupported claims with which he has actually mixed department and also urged physical violence throughout the previous 6 years.

The current spin, BTW, is the launch of an unredacted record on exactly how the Trump management routed Homeland Safety to discover terrorism in the disruptions in Rose city, and also to insist a link in between the troubles and also Antifa, in spite of there being no such web link located.

This is all of an item with the problem increased by Clay Jones, of individuals– mainly individuals of shade– being rejected their right to elect.

A few of this comes with Florida’s apprehension of previous offenders that had actually been informed by the state that their franchise business had actually been recovered, and also that were after that later on jailed for unlawful ballot, while affluent retired people in the Towns were happily electing both in Florida and after that once more in the states where they had actually initially come.

An even more ferocious type of citizen reductions seems taking place in Georgia, where a brand-new legislation enables civilians to test citizen enrollment, leading to hundreds of difficulties which citizens– much of whom have actually been electing years– need to attend to one by one in order to preserve their legal rights.

And Also Steve Brodner addresses an extra wide-spread assault on the sacredness of the ballot, a transfer to elect political election deniers right into vital placement where they can determine which results will certainly be recognized and also which will certainly be rescinded by partial legislatures and also just as corrupt assistants of state equipped by a feasible SCOTUS choice that would certainly support the MAGA concept that specify courts must not be permitted to manage political elections.

There was a time when having such a hare-brained analysis gone to the High court would certainly be met giggling, however, as Ann Telnaes explains, SCOTUS can no more preserve internal control of itself, and also Principal Justice Roberts, when viewed as a regulating impact amongst the Court’s intrigues, can not also appear to manage Virginia Thomas’s devoted partner.

Thomas was the single justice to enact support of Donald Trump’s effort to protect his documents from lawful analysis, however this write-up from the American Venture Institute ensures us it had absolutely nothing to do with Ginni’s election-denial advocacy.

That write-up was composed by John Yoo, whose name might appear acquainted. He was likewise the writer of the memoranda warranting abuse of POWs.

Which constantly advises me of John McCain’s resistance to abuse, however, naturally, he was prejudiced by recognizing WTF he was speaking about.

Experience should pave the way to belief in today’s GOP.

Ruth Marcus has a considerable post-mortem on John Roberts’ period as a regulating impact, however, at this moment, if he’s not as unaware as he’s depicted by Telnaes, he is, at finest, bailing water with a pitchfork.

In Pros & & Disadvantages (KFS), Samuel promotes us older people. A years back, Barack Obama had actually simply been re-elected and also there stayed a degree of hope, in spite of the clamoring of the crowds at evictions.

Probably, nonetheless, the issue was much less the slavering crowds than the comfy do-nothings Cathy Wilcox portrays, delicately tamping down the juvenile impressions of the future generation and also ensuring them that all would certainly be well.

I have some expect tomorrow– whereby I imply Tuesday– because 3 of my granddaughters are currently old sufficient to elect, and also they were currently leading walk-outs and also signing up citizens prior to they might elect themselves.

If there is hope, it will certainly originate from Gen Z, and also from reprobates like Clyde, honor their impatient, ruthless hearts.

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