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When the Wind Blows by Liz Rosen

When the Wind Blows by Liz Rosen

Liz Rosen informs a puzzling and also lyrical story of a planetary secret-keeper. This tale belongs to a public art task with musician Heather Arak-Kanofsky.

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When the wind impacts, I leave my body and also go strolling.

In some cases I head towards the moons of Jupiter, going across the vacant, black parsecs of area with the calculated lengthy strides of a missionary lugging words. I allow the rings of the Galilean satellites bring me along in their slow-moving turns. When I tire of the sight from Callisto, I walk throughout the planetary dirt to a various moon, Elara or Himalia. I browse the skies, searching for a location to clear my box of keys.

In some cases I identify a Canadian maple tree and also slide down the fragile capillaries of among its pronged fallen leaves. I adhere to the flowing paths deep right into the planet where it is warm and also dark and also claustrophobic. I am not the only one down below. It conveniences me to see just how whatever is linked. If I locate the ideal hollow amongst the origins and also grubs, I might open my box and also select a key to leave. Later on, I will certainly go back to this tree to see if my trick has actually settled. I will certainly check out the fallen leaves to see if their sharp suggestions have actually curdled. I will certainly run my turn over the bark to see if it detests my understanding touch, and also I will certainly climb up right into the branches to see if they secure branches to maintain the unfamiliar person out. I will certainly remember what kind of secret I left below.

There are a lot of that I do not constantly keep in mind which I have actually cached where. When a planet rolls its pocked side away from my technique, revealing me its icy underbelly rather, I recognize what kind of secret I left on the much side. I grin to myself as the streaming tail goes by and also the little fragments of ice strike my skin. I recognize I have actually picked well and also that the trick is well-guarded.

In some cases I will certainly locate an infant and also stand at its baby crib paying attention to the silences of deep space in between its deep slumberous breaths. I such as the children. I open my box and also select my trick specifically meticulously at these times. I blow the gossamer secret carefully right into the child’s ear. In some cases, the child twitches in her rest. In some cases, he will certainly misstep. When I check out these children years later on, I will certainly see the glowing string of the secret woven right into their skin to ensure that they appear to radiance. I will certainly invest a couple of mins following them with their lives to see just how this string links them to their certain futures, binds them to their certain pasts.

I made use of to question the children I really did not check out, the ones that have no string to hold them with each other. I question if they are unmoored and also wandering. It made me depressing. I have a lot of keys, however not virtually sufficient to offer to every child.

Nevertheless, when I listen to the reduced event of the wind outside, like a groan eddying in all-time low of a glass container, I release my body and also go looking for a brand-new area to leave my keys. I would love to locate a location where I might clear my whole box.

Simply recently I believed I had actually located a location finally. I had actually complied with the corona of the sunlight around the world to the sunlit side. In the mild hillsides of New Zealand’s south island, I stood and also paid attention and also waited. In my bones, I really felt the gigantic pets that as soon as roamed these levels, the Hypsilophodonts and also Titanosaurs that raised their lengthy necks right into the dawn and also made the planet roar as they crossed it. I followed their supernatural pictures till I saw it: a little deserted tuatara burrow under a plain little debris and also bushes. I believed possibly that this was, finally, the place where I might hide my box and also not need to fret about it. It was so remote. I rested on a close-by rock and also watched out over the levels to believe. The fifty percent moon was lastly fading right into the lightening up skies, and also my sculpted wood box rested patient on my lap.

For as lengthy as I can keep in mind, I have actually wished to establish my box down and also go back to my body unburdened. I consider the children with their secret skins. I press my sleeve up on my arm and also consider my very own sewn and also double-stitched and also triple-stitched skin. I am a cloth doll held with each other with the strings of my keys. If I place my box down and also leave, will my body decipher? I believe I am comprised of way too many secret strings to risk it currently. I believe I will certainly come to be slack if I attempt to divide myself from my keys simultaneously. I will certainly crumble.

I climb and also dominate the tuatara opening. I will certainly leave greater than one trick below in this remote and also dreadful place where background and also dawn socialize. I will certainly return eventually to see what has actually come to be of the keys I plant below, checking out the close-by dirt for crevices and also the yellowing yard for condition. Or possibly, like the children, the keys will certainly come to be glossy flecks of mica, making these hillsides radiance in the sunlight, and also individuals from down in the valley will certainly come looking up below to locate what will certainly be fool’s gold since, already, the keys will certainly have enhanced and also solidified right into geoids, boring, rough swellings which, damaged in 2, expose the fantastic quartz and also purple needles of the complex landscape which has actually expanded within.

I put 2 keys meticulously right into the opening. One drips from my hand like mercury, the various other puts like black sand. I put a little rock over the entryway to the opening and also claim my common okay for safe-keeping.

After that I transform and also stroll down towards Christchurch where earlier I identified a pea-gravel yard in the center of a kids’s play area. There is a little discolored statuary of the Virgin Mary watching the crushed rock and also the kids. I will certainly put a key in between the bushes at her feet – no okay will certainly be needed – and afterwards I will certainly adhere to the wind residence to assert my becalmed body.



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